Beauty Box 5 May 2014 review

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I was wondering what happened to my April review when I realized it was the 24ClearIt kit. Speaking of which, it started to dry out my jaw area so I stopped washing with it as regularly. Overall it’s done ok with my skin so far and calmed it down a bit, but breakouts just can’t be quelled it seems. As for the May Beauty Box 5, the theme is fresh and focused, which is meant to help with some pick-me-ups.

Beauty Box 5 is $12 per box (or as discounted as $99 for an entire year, with an option in between) and comes with 5 cosmetic products. Boxes are sent monthly with no option to skip. You also have the option of buying it as a gift your box to a friend. They offer a referral program that earns you points towards products or boxes.

may 2014 beauty box 5 contents

Is it finally time for summer?! What a refreshing collection.

beauty box 5 may 2014 information card

Info on the products with prices of their full sizes.

MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask: I’m a big fan of sheet masks, though they are rather pricey so I don’t use them that often. This one is suuuuuper moisturizing and just oozing with healing ingredients. I’m glad I read the instructions because I probably wouldn’t have cleansed and toned my face before using it otherwise. This is the only mask I’ve tried to date that actually fit my face! I have a pretty wide one so the eye holes are often too close together and the corners of my eyes get covered a bit, but not with this one! Amazing. It says to leave on for 10-20 minutes and after 10 I was itching to take it off. I can only take so much relaxation! There was a ton of serum on my face afterwards, so I rubbed it in, rinsed off a bit, and also put some on my neck.

H2O Plus Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel: I couldn’t tell what this was for at first. I thought it might be some sort of eye gel, but turns out it’s a cleanser. It came out almost goopy, but smoothed out just fine. I didn’t smell any sort of scent to it and it was very nice and soothing. I do wish the sample size was larger since I feel like I can only get a few face washes out of this tube. I can’t really tell if it’s better than any other cleanser, but I do like this brand overall so I’d consider getting this product.

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths: What perfect timing for these little cloths, which will be a very useful way to refresh the body during the heat of summer. I’d definitely keep some of these in my purse/bag/car or wherever to have them on the go. I was super surprised to find they had a bit of an alcoholic smell when you first open them. I guess it helps kill off bacteria? My skin feels great after the wipe-down and the powder finish is amazingly smooth without feeling like there’s powder on you (just the way I like it). It was moist enough to get my whole body, yet not dripping wet so there was no mess. If I ever work out during work hours, I’m totally using these to freshen up with.

Harvey Prince Hello: Never been much of a perfume gal, but this truly is a warm, happy scent. With such playful packaging, I was totally intrigued. Then I saw the citrus and floral choices and I knew this would be something I could enjoy. The little card is sweet and explains the choice of Meyer lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, forsythia, and plumeria beautifully. I’m liking this brand already!

Cattiva Precision Eye Liner: I was skeptical, but this eyeliner really delivered. Waterproof? Indeed! And such a smooth, easy application it’s hard to mess up. It doesn’t smudge even with my clumsy hands, so I’ll definitely keep this handy for the few occasions I do use a little eye liner. I like the retractable design so I don’t have to worry about using a sharpener. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but consider me impressed.

Ok, so I have to admit when I first got the box I was like, whatever, decent box. But now that I’ve tried them I am truly impressed. Not only did I underestimate some of the products, I wouldn’t even have given them a chance had I not wanted to provide a more thorough review for this post. Turns out I’ve been introduced to some really great items that I’ll keep in my arsenal. What’s your favorite item this month?

[This post contains affiliate links. Signing up through them helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this box and wanted to share what I got!]

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