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For some reason, I seem to bruise really easily. It’s been that way as long as I remember and every few weeks I’ll discover a bruise that just appeared without me knowing. I’m quite certain that with most, I did not just bump into something and forget about it. After all, these bruises come in the most random places (mostly on my legs). Sometimes it’s the back of my calf. Sometimes it’s the middle of my thigh. Occasionally I get them on my arms too.

bruised crook of arm from needle pokeAnd if I ever do bump into something, oh boy. It’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll have a bruise emerge the next day. I didn’t realize this extended to small jabs too – I had my blood drawn recently and my arm was sore for days afterward, in addition to the bruising that came up! It was nearly two weeks before it completely faded and the flesh wasn’t tender anymore. Who knew a needle would create such problems for me? I guess I should have known, since the last time (maaaany years ago) I did get some bruising as well. I guess I have delicate veins?

Are you sensitive to bumps, scrapes, and bruises too?

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