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bzzagent word of mouth marketing site logoSo I mentioned in my MorningStar Farms post that I got it for free from BzzAgent, which I joined just a few months ago.  Since then, I’ve gotten invited to two more campaigns, both of which have been really fitting and timely for my current needs!  One was for Schick’s Hydro Silk razor and the other was for Garnier’s Olia hair dye.

I’ve been using the same brand of razor since I started shaving and since I shave so infrequently, I actually have the original handle and am only on the third blade.  Granted, I’ve used some disposable ones here and there and once got another brand attached to the shaving cream I bought, but for the most part that original razor has lasted me for a decade or so.

When BzzAgent sent me the new Schick Hydro Silk razor for free, I was pretty excited to try something new.  My old razor would sometimes give me knicks and I was always wary of shaving around my knees and ankles because of it.  With the Schick though, it glided so smoothly that I had to try a second and third time just to make sure it worked!  I couldn’t believe it was so slick against my skin.  I love that it has 5 blades that are close together, providing a really smooth shave.  Now I have a razor that will probably last me another decade!

Most recently, I was offered to join the Garnier Olia campaign.  It’s a revolutionary new hair dye that uses oils to provide permanent hair color with no ammonia.  Love it already!  Apparently it has a bunch of natural flower oils so it smells great and it conditions and restores hair.  I’m about to get my hair cut this weekend and I was literally just thinking to myself how nice it would be if I could get it colored.  At this point though, I’m not about to pay for a coloring at the salon.  Then along came Olia, which I am getting a coupon for a free box of.  I can’t wait to try it!!

I’m pretty pleased with BzzAgent and I’m really excited to keep getting to try out great products like these.

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