Battle of the Brawn

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nerf gun held up at the ready prepared to shoot

Ready for an attack.

Sometime last week, I found myself getting involved in the Nerf gun battles at work. One of the fun parts of working at a tech start-up are these random breaks we can take. Today I really got into it after being attacked (for no reason!) by Brawn. We had some back and forth attacks in the afternoon and towards the end of the day, I found myself holed up in a room with Jokester as Brawn tried to barge in. We have these doors that are glass with a wood frame, so it was pretty terrifying to be facing the enemy with just glass between us. I couldn’t help shrieking and squealing a few times – hopefully I didn’t disturb many people! A lot were wrapping up for the day or gone already, so I think it was fine. Then again, I was having too much fun to care enough… 😛

bloody fingers cut in multiple places

Battle wounds.

I’ve managed to be a pretty worthy adversary, though I’m all paranoid about being attacked now. So anyway, there I was stuck in a room with Jokester (who, by the way, was attacking me from behind). I managed to shove my foot in the door to prevent it from opening too much as Brawn and I shot at each other through the crack. I held off pretty well and was having a grand old time until I felt my finger get wet, which was really weird. My first thought was that somehow they’d spilled water on me (or did Brawn spit on me?!). Alas, when I looked down I found my finger was covered in blood. I hadn’t even felt how I cut myself, but apparently my finger got caught on the trigger and got a little shredded up. Ouch. I let Brawn in the room at this point since he seemed to feel bad for me, but then he turned around and shot me in the gut! That guy can’t be trusted, lol. But hey, at least then he went and got me a paper towel to clean up my blood. My right hand will have to be out of commission for a little while now, but I’m sure I’ll make do with my left.

Oh government shutdown

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Well, they did it. Congress actually threw us over the cliff this time. Over the past few years, I’d hear about another fiscal cliff and Panda would joke about getting furloughed. Now we’re on Day 1 of the government shutdown and after a few hours in the morning to wrap things up for the indefinite future, he came home from work to wait it out.

capitol hill misspelled as capiton hil on tv

So eager to talk about the shutdown that they didn’t spell-check Capitol Hill.

We’re in a really good position, with ample savings and my income to get us through. So many others are nowhere near as fortunate and it’s just absurd that this in-fighting from our own government is affecting all these lives. I’m just glad that we don’t live paycheck to paycheck, but even so I do hope this doesn’t last long. We’re trying to save up for the new condo after all! In the short term, Panda gets to enjoy some quiet time off and a taste of what life for me was like the past year. I tried to recruit him to help me at work, but instead he’s getting things done like chores and a dentist appointment. Alas, a girl can wish right? So long as the shutdown doesn’t extend for too many weeks, we’ll just take it like an unexpected vacation (for him). There are even a bunch of restaurants offering discounts or free items for federal employees. Maybe he can go enjoy those!

It’s so sad that today is Yosemite’s anniversary and people can’t even go enjoy it. I feel bad for all the tourists who are around the nation, wanting to enjoy parks and museums and zoos… but getting shut out. I’m looking to the supposed leaders of our country to find a compromise soon.

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