Chivas farm

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It was open farm day at the Chivas farm this weekend! Panda and I went to check out their farm and the soaps and other skin products they make from goat’s milk. Check out their line of products!

big black pot belly pig

We entered the gate to find this piggy eyeing us suspiciously.

petting a horse

Then there was this horse waiting for some attention.

goats eating feed

Then on to the highlight of the trip - the goats!

goat at fence

This friendly one came up to say "hi."

a pair of goats sitting next to each other

How cute!!!

goat with huge beard

All I could think was Billy Goat Gruff.

petting a goat

I enjoyed petting the goats.

black and white patterned chickens

Check out these elaborate chickens.

large tortoise retracting into shell

They even had tortoises!

tortoise with lettuce placed in front of it

Some girl tried to feed this one, but only managed to scare it into hiding.

pot belly pig hiding behind plants

On our way out, we came across the shy and antisocial pig again, this time hiding from kids.

chivas skin care facial creme, clear complexion soap, and pamphlet

I ended up getting a facial creme (perfect timing since I just ran out of the one I was using) and a clear complexion soap (hope it can help my acne!).

They also had some fabulous food there, as well as mini massages, facials, and yoga lessons. I wish I had taken more pictures!

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