Cilantro life cycle

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Ever wondered how a cilantro leaf gets to be the way it is?  Well, here’s a step by step guide for you!

little cilantro buds about to bloom

First you get the buds...

white cilantro flowers budding

...that bloom into flowers!

thin little cilantro leaves

Then they give way to little, unrecognizable leaves.

cilantro leaves getting thicker

The little leaves start to thicken.

cilantro leaves taking form

Eventually they start to get the shape and form of cilantro leaves.

full-grown cilantro leaves

Finally they look like the leaves you get atop your favorite dish!

very full cilantro leaves

They get to a point where they won't get bigger.

dying cilantro leaves turning yellow

After awhile they begin to die and lose their coloring.

dead cilantro leaves completely wilted

Finally, they end up limp and wilted as they give way to new sprouts.

full cilantro plant

And the whole life cycle can be seen from top to bottom. 🙂

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