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Opinions expressed on this blog are wholly mine (and are subject to change).  Any sponsored posts will be indicated, but I will not accept sponsored posts if I do not believe what I write about them.  What I express here does not represent any of the organizations I am affiliated with.

You are welcome to disagree with my opinions, but I reserve the right to moderate comments as I please.  As long as it’s a healthy debate, there’s no harm!  Please no profanity or other offensive material.  We’re all adults, aren’t we?

All pictures are linked to their source, if external.  All other pictures are owned by me and you are free to use non-watermarked ones if you contact me letting me know you want to and provide a link back to credit me.  For the watermarked ones, please do not use without written permission from me first.  Thanks!  🙂

And of course, we’re all human, so please be smart and do your research before you choose to take any action based on what you read here.  I’m bound to make some mistakes or unknowingly provide inaccurate or outdated information.

You get the idea… I’m just here to share my thoughts and opinions while having some fun!

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