Fabletics Emanate Outfit (Lorida v-neck top + Vaasa sports bra + Lima capri) + Asaro legging review

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So a long time ago I meant to review the outfit that Panda got for me, but when I was finally getting around to it I realized I didn’t have the right bottoms. I had him contact Fabletics and they sent the correct ones, so now I have both to compare. I think I’m just going to have to send the capris back since I ultimately like the leggings more. I chose this outfit because of the fun sports bra, which was such a unique design. I went bold with bright lime green on my tops!

One thing to note – according to the order, this is the Emanate outfit, but I also found the Elevate outfit that is the exact same… so I think they changed the name from Emanate to Elevate.

Fabletics is just under $50 per outfit credit and comes with a 2- or 3-piece set of athletic wear. Each month, three outfits are selected for you to choose from at the 1 outfit credit price point. You can always get other outfits at their VIP pricing of $50-80 (2- and 3- pieces available) or buy any individual item separately. Outfits are sent monthly unless you choose to skip (which is very easy to do). They offer a referral program that earns you points towards free outfits.

Get your first outfit for half off with my referral link! All Fabletics items are chafe-resistant and feature four-way stretch for comfort and movement.

collage of front and back of fabletics lorida v-neck top in ultra lemon heather

Lorida V-Neck Top in Ultra Lemon Heather

Oh what a soooft top! Buttery soft? Absolutely. It’s wonderfully smooth and feels fantastic. It is moisture-wicking to keep you dry from perspiration. It does hike up on the shoulders if you’re lifting your arms a lot in your workout. Retail value on this is listed as $29.95.

collage of front and back of fabletics vaasa sports bra in ultra lemon

Vaasa Sport Bra in Ultra Lemon

This sports bra provides medium bust support and does not have extra padding. It is super lightweight and fits snugly. I just love the criss-cross straps that keep it secure on your back. Its retail value is listed as $19.95.

collage of front, back, and hidden pocket of fabletics lima capri in black

Lima Capri in Black

These are the capris I was supposed to receive. I found that I’m not that into capris since my feet get cold easily. I also have thick legs so they’re kind of tight on my calves and I don’t feel like I get enough circulation. These offer maximum support, which explains why they’re pretty tight. As with all the other Fabletics bottoms I’ve seen, they include a hidden pocket on the right hip. Retail value is listed as $39.95.

collage of front, length, and hidden pocket of fabletics asaro legging in black

Asaro Legging in Black

And these are the leggings that originally came with my outfit. I didn’t even realize they were the wrong product until I was coming to review them for a post! Turns out I like them better, so I plan on keeping these in lieu of the capris. As you can see these go the opposite way and are super long. I like the random seam that wraps around the leg. It offers medium support so it’s more comfortable for me. The retail value on these are listed as $49.95.

Funny how I ended up liking the mistaken product more than the intended one, eh? The Asaro legging is more silky feeling than the Nadi legging I got in my first outfit, which is more cotton-y. I love how long the legs are and I love the comfort of the Lorida shirt. I tend to prefer v-necks and it’s long enough that I don’t have to worry when I lift my arms. And the whole reason I wanted this outfit in the first place was that super cool sports bra! I can’t remember the last time I owned a sports bra, so it’s fantastic to have one for working out in.

[This post contains affiliate links. Signing up through them helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I (well, Panda) just purchased this outfit and wanted to share what I got!]

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