Fabletics Portico Outfit (Aventura poncho + Salar legging + headband) review

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It had been awhile since I’d gotten Fabletics so I decided to take a look. I knew I was interested in some sort of outerwear, like a casual sweatshirt. When I came across, the Aventura poncho, I couldn’t resist. I was going to get it alone originally, but didn’t want to pay shipping so I decided to spring for the whole outfit. I’m really glad I did since the leggings turned out to be my new favorite pair!

Fabletics is just under $50 per outfit credit and comes with a 2- or 3-piece set of athletic wear. Each month, three outfits are selected for you to choose from at the 1 outfit credit price point. You can always get other outfits at their VIP pricing of $50-80 (2- and 3- pieces available) or buy any individual item separately. Outfits are sent monthly unless you choose to skip (which is very easy to do). They offer a referral program that earns you points towards free outfits.

Get your first outfit for half off with my referral link! All fitted Fabletics items are chafe-resistant and feature four-way stretch for comfort and movement.

collage of front and back with and without hood and details of fabletics aventura poncho in charcoal heather

Aventura Poncho in Charcoal Heather

This is such a fun piece to have. I like how it just drapes over your shoulders and provides warmth over any top. The terrycloth fabric makes it nice and warm and the generous hoodie size makes it easy to cover your head completely even with a ponytail. Snap buttons on either side ensure your warms stay in place, or unsnap them for a flowier fit. I like to half unzip the half-zip front, but find that the weight of the hood will often drag the zipper up towards my neck. I wish the front was weighted a little more so I didn’t feel my throat getting covered all the time, but otherwise I love it. The retail value on this is listed as $44.95.

collage of front, back, detail, and hidden pocket of fabletics salar legging in flame orange

Salar Legging in Flame Orange

These leggings were absolutely worth it and the most comfortable pair I own! I was surprised because I wasn’t even going to get it in the first place, thinking it was more of a cloth-like texture based on the pictures. Turns out it’s far more silky smooth (blend of polyester and spandex) and oh so soft. The color is fantastic too! As with all the other leggings, you get a little secret pocket for a key or card. They offer maximum support, for a nice firm fit. Retail value’s listed as $49.95.

collage of top, side, and details of fabletics headband in ultra lemon

Headband in Ultra Lemon

The headband in this outfit was really just an extra item to me. I don’t usually use headbands, except when washing my face. I wanted the color that matched the leggings, but of course they were sold out so I ended up with these, which happen to match the first sports bra I got. It holds well even on my slippery hair and I’ll certainly keep it around for when I do decide to use a headband. Its retail value is listed as $4.95.

I’m pleased with this outfit, though I would have loved to have gotten it at the $50 price point (it cost me close to $70). Still, if I count both top and bottom at $35 a piece, not even factoring in the headband, I think it was a good value. Not great, but good, especially for the unique items I got and how much I’m enjoying them. I even got complimented on my style when I wore the poncho with the leggings last week! Thanks Fabletics for making me appear fashionable. 😉

I’m really excited now because I’ve officially earned enough points to get a free outfit credit! Nothing caught my eye this month, but I’m really looking forward to redeeming that free outfit soon…

[This post contains affiliate links. Signing up through them helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this outfit and wanted to share what I got!]

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