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Panda and I were going to do a trip to Nashville last weekend, but due to the weather we thought better of it and ended up staying more local. One of the things he found nearby is a fun little farm! I’d driven past it on the way to work before (and wondered about it), but I had no idea it’s part of a park and free to the public. Nor did I know there were so many cool animals waiting to be visited.

We went on a freezing cold day. I totally underdressed, so I was quite cold and we didn’t stay long. However, we still managed to see horses, cows, sheep, pigs, and rabbits! Next time we’ll have to go when it’s a little less brisk so we can stroll around more and check out the general store too.

three pigs in stall with hay and heat lamp for winter cold

The pigs kept pushing each other out from under the heat lamp. The right one has a black head with pink body!

brown cow staring from inside stall in barn

She just looks like she should be a Bessie, don’t you think? Her eyes and nose are HUGE.

sheep mama with baby lambs in stall inside barn

This mama has three little lambs! Two boys and a girl.

baby lamb sticking head out to be pet

One of the boys was super friendly and wanted to be pet. 🙂

lamb and cow sniffing each other

One of the lambs and the cow would sniff each other.

sheep staring through wooden fence

Getting the stare down from the mama.

cow mom and baby calf in stall of barn

Cow mom and baby calf in their stall.

white rabbit with black accents in cage with frozen bowl of water

Rabbit with a mustache. 😛

frozen bowl of drinking water for rabbit

It was so cold most of the water bowls were frozen over!

pretending to kiss cow sticking its tongue out

Would you kiss a cow? I pretended to. Those tongues are weird!

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