Gogobot Spring Break Bus Party

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Been away all day! I had a grand old time at Gogobot West LA’s Spring Break Bus Party extravaganza. Check out what we did!

across the street from lemonade cafeteria in venice

We met up at 11 to start the day at Lemonade in Venice.

girl hugging giant teddy bear wearing gogobot tshirt

Gogobear always comes along for the fun!

lemonade sign inside back room

We went inside right as they opened and took over the back room.

bag of gogobot goodies with leggings, snap-on wrist band, and friendship bracelet

We each got a little gift! The girls got leggings, those snap-on wristbands that everyone loved as a kid, and a friendship bracelet. The guys got fun ties and bowties.

lemonade cafeteria selection of sides

Time to eat! We got a choice of about 20 different sides. I got the yummy soba on the right!

lemonade cafeteria meal with one side of soba noodles, one curry chicken entree, and a watermelon sage lemonade

It was a tough choice, but this is what I ended up with (though I made two friends and the three of us swapped dishes to try more variety.)

girl dressed in odd assortment of thrift shop style clothing

Time to gear up with the theme of thrift shop wear! The little gifts they gave us came in quite handy and I used all three.

large shaggy dog with ponytail

After lunch, there was time to stroll around Venice and we came across this shaggy dog.

fuzzy leaf

By 1:15, it was time to meet up for our bus tour! The tree we were waiting by had these fun fuzzy leaves.

rastabus colorful la day tour bus

Our ride, the Rastabus, has arrived! Let the party begin. 🙂

Tons of random fun weird costumes. Love it! Nearly ready to load the bus...

Tons of random fun weird costumes. Love it! Nearly ready to load the bus…

settling in to colorful rastabus for day tour

Bright, colorful, and pumping with music! Now this is a cool party bus!

two people wearing sunglasses with moustaches

I meet a new friend and he shares his crazy fun ‘stache glasses with me. 🙂

people sitting on stairs in front of california science center

We arrive at the California Science Center and people stare as oddly-dressed people come piling out of this festive bus.

collage of attempts at capturing a jumping shot on stairs of california science center

Whee, I have some fun with a jumping shot on the stairs before we head in!

california science center entrance with golden globes hanging from ceiling

What a pretty entrance to this place.

standing on escalator looking down towards bottom floor

This is my first time here! We all take the escalators up to the line to view the Endeavour.

posing in front of endeavour space shuttle at california science center

We go admire the Endeavour space shuttle, which only recently made its home here at the California Science Center.

tiles underneath the endeavour space shuttle

The bottom/back of the shuttle is composed of tons of little tiles.

goodyear blimp as seen from california science center

As we head out, the Good Year blimp makes an appearance.

holographic image of eye with earth as iris on wall of california science center

There’s a cool section of the wall that is holographic and the images “move” as you walk by.

gogobot pros waiting to board rastabus at california science center

Back to the Rastabus for our next adventure!

view of downtown los angeles from loft in la brewery district

Next stop, the LA Brewery Art Walk! We checked out a loft with a nice view of downtown LA (which, coincidentally, is where some of my friends live).

altervision 3d blacklight experience exhibit at la brewery art walk

I got caught up in conversations at the loft until it was nearly time to go, but managed to join two others in a quick visit to this Altervision 3D Blacklight Experience!

picture inside altervision 3d exhibit at la brewery art walk

I try to take a selfie inside but it’s hard to see! Now only is it dark, but I’ve got on 3D glasses and it’s disorienting.

neon butterflies inside altervision 3d experience at la brewery art walk

Just some of the amazing artwork inside. They had a bunch of cool rooms to explore!

chocolate soft serve ice cream one with crooked swirl

Before getting back on the bus, I am treated to a wonderfully lopsided ice cream cone.

guy hugging giant teddy bear at griffith observatory while sitting on fence

And our last stop, Griffith Observatory, where we chilled and enjoyed the scenery. Gogobear gets some love too.

After this, my phone died! We had some fun checking out the view, then headed back to our original meeting point and most people went their own ways. A few of us decided to meet up for dinner and spent some extra time together before parting ways. I got back just before 11 pm, after a very full day of activities! Good times. 🙂

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