Green Festival DC 2013!

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Last year was the first time Panda and I came across the Green Festivals and got involved volunteering there. You can check out what it was like and some of the goodies I scored! I also signed up to help out at the LA one, but then managed to total my car on the way so I didn’t end up going. This year we were back again and I signed up to help at the Green Festival store, which I had helped out with in the second half of my shift last time. I really enjoyed sharing the products at the store with passersby so I figured I’d do it again!

view of green conference dc 2013 conference center booths in giant room

This year we were in Hall A, which seemed a bit smaller than last year’s.

muffetta cleaning products including wood floor cleaner, nursery cleaner, and glass & surface cleaner bottles at green festival dc 2013

I really liked the concept of these cleaning products and I loved the Minty Thyme scent they had for their kitchen and bathroom cleaner! I got a sample of that an the glass & surface cleaner, both of which I’m excited to try.

rareearth minieral-colored artisan candles made in usa display at green festival dc 2013

These rareEARTH artisan candles had a really cool look that was like gemstones. I didn’t get one but it’s on my list.

volunteer at green festival dc 2013 helping sell items at green festival store and cafe

I was really enjoying my time helping out at the Green Festival store (except for the standing with backache part). The sales kept flowing in!

rock wall in middle of convention space at green festival dc 2013

There was a rock wall in the middle of it all this year!

mandu korean restaurant pan chan cold appetizer dishes

After a long day out, we stopped by Mandu to try a new place for dinner.

view of washington monument with lights lighting it up seen from car driving away in rain

As we drove away I noticed the Washington Monument all lit up like a skyscraper.

pile of free samples of products at green festival dc 2013 including safeway bright green tote bag, bright green laundry detergent, dr. bronner's soaps and lotions, sheaterra black soap, muffetta cleaners, pangea facial scrub, banana, beanitos chips, annie's cheddar bunnies, justin's peanut butter cup, mom's organic market reusable bag, yummy earth lollipop, and stickers

Look at what I scored today!

neal's yard remedies organic facial wipes, white tea facial mist, and skincando combat-ready balm bought from green festival dc 2013

I also bought a few items – I was super surprised to find Neal’s Yard Remedies available in the US!

pile of free samples of products at green festival dc 2013 including ford t-shirt, bananas, beanitos chips, nature's path bars, justin's peanut butter cup, annie's cheddar bunnies, kit's organic bars, popchips, and jovial snacks

As you can see from Panda’s pile, his priorities were quite different from mine.

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