“If I…” series

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If I made lip balm: I’d make all kinds of new flavors
If I was a cat: I’d sleep allllll day and ignore mice/birds.
If I had no hair: I’d get cold really easily & scare ppl with my weird head.
If I could, I’d get a phd

If I designed homes, I’d have lots of windows on all sides & access to the roof 

If I designed high rises, the windows would open or there’d be balconies 

If I designed clothes, I’d cover the knees

If I ran a restaurant, I’d have picture menus

If I had all the money in the world I’d run cat shelters and tours.

If I made cars or seats, I’d add foot rests

If I made cars, I’d make their lights not too bright

If I designed hotels, I’d have open rooftops 

If I had an airline, I’d send surveys to pre-order food

If I built an airplane, I’d make the windows bigger and have a daylight section

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