Kocostar Nail Therapy review

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I did a trade a long time ago where I got this Kocostar Nail Therapy treatment. They also do foot and hair therapy packs. When I finally got around to trying them, I was chillin’ on my computer at night. Check it out!

kocostar nail therapy treatment pack with info cardback of kocostar nail therapy treatment pack with info card

kocostar nail therapy treatment pack on fingers

At first I made a n00b move and tried to squeeze my fingers in at odd angles. Then I realized they were meant to be torn apart!

kocostar nail therapy treatment on fingers and being removed

Ah yes, that feels much better.

I let them sit on my fingers for well over half an hour. They smelled great and had a soothing blend inside. I loved that the exterior is plastic of sorts, so I could safely type and do things without rubbing gunk everything. It was a lot of fun just to rub my fingers against each other, since the covers are so smooth. When it came time to slip them off, my fingers were soft and felt great. I massaged the rest of the lotion into my fingers and it was like a mini spa for my hands. I don’t know if it strengthened my nails, but it certainly did soften my cuticles and leave my fingers feeling wonderful. If I saw these in a store I’d definitely get another set! I also want to try their foot treatment.

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