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I’ve realized that I write a lot of my thoughts and opinions, alluding only occasionally to experiences, so I’ll now attempt to do some more storytelling and share some of my adventures.

entrace to let's relax spa in phuket thailand, with water decorations

Very zen.

Let’s start with a wonderful spa experience at a place called Let’s Relax.  I discovered it when I was in Phuket, Thailand.  At a getaway place like that, I couldn’t resist indulging in some spa services, so I looked up a few sites and went for this one because they were one of the few places with a hot stone massage and of those, had the best price.  I opted for the Executive Hide Away package because it included the hot stone massage that was my main target, plus it included an herbal steam (a nice bonus) and a facial that I probably needed.  A three-hour experience, all for 3600 Baht (at the current exchange rate, around $107.37).  Not bad at all!

Well to start off with, I didn’t get the best of directions and probably should have copied the map better.  The bus driver and my fellow passengers had no idea what I was looking for and couldn’t tell me where to get off.  By a stroke of luck, I was looking out the right side of the bus and the building had a large sign, so I found it.  I got off the bus and made my way to the entrance, where I was greeted by a nice little landscaping in the front area and huge wooden doors.  As soon as I stepped in, I knew I had chosen wisely.  This place was impeccably clean and very nicely decorated.  It was quiet and peaceful and the ladies working there were all well-mannered and well-dressed.

tray of herbal scents and facial treatment options at let's relax spa in phuket thailand

Take your pick of aromas and treatments! Top left: herbal scents for the steam room. Bottom: facial treatment options.

After I checked in and paid, I was given a cooling green tea to sip while waiting.  All too soon, a lady was there to lead me up.  We got on the private elevator and I changed into a bathrobe in a nice bathroom before she took me to my first stop: the sauna.  Well, I guess herbal steam room is more appropriate, but you get the idea.  I had chosen the scent I wanted (I think it was lavender, but now my memory fails me) and got the place to myself.  I sat and lay on the cool stone inside as my lungs filled with the aroma of sweet flowers.  It’s hard to stay in there for long, so I had to come out a few times and made good use of the ice cold water they provided. When time was nearly up, I came out and took a nice rinse in the shower to clean up and cool down.

lobby of let's relax spa in phuket thailand

Nice place to just chill.

tea and centerpiece with flowers and candles at let's relax spa in phuket thailand

Beautiful decorations and delectable tea.

tray with cup of tea, bottle of water, and hand wipe at let's relax spa in phuket thailand

Iced water tastes so much better coming out of the steam room.

towel, shower cap, and black knit underwear for use at let's relax spa in phuket thailand

Everything you need to enjoy a hot stone massage. That black thing was knit underwear.

I was then taken to another room for my hot stone massage.  I was given a funny little black underwear thing to put on, as well as a shower cap and towel.  A nice little lady came in with the hot rocks and began to work on my weary muscles.  She used two stones to stimulate my muscles and would trace the bones in my ankles or other areas where it felt really good to have something hot and firm running along it.  Sometimes it would just be one stone or her hands and some lotion.  The heat of the stones was just enough to leave a burning trail wherever it went, but certainly not enough to burn or hurt.  She knew just how long to leave the heat there before it would start to generate more pain than relaxation.  I wondered how her hands could handle the stones – as far as I could tell, she did not use gloves or anything to protect herself from the heat.  When she wrapped up a few stones for me to lie on to soothe my back, I began to see how the prolonged heat could cause discomfort.  We made a quick adjustment to protect me from the heat a bit more and I comfortably lay there for awhile.  At the end, she had me sit in positions I’d never tried before, then pushed or pulled just the right way to make my neck and back crack.  I’d never been cracked like that before and I imagine that’s what they’d do at a chiropractor’s.  I fully intend on finding out one day.

ginger tea with almond cookie at let's relax spa in phuket thailand

Delicious ginger tea that was just sweet enough, yet with a slight kick.

When that was complete, it was time for the final installment – a facial.  I hadn’t been given a choice of treatment type, so I’m assuming they used a generic one or chose for themselves what was best for my skin type.  As usual, I fell asleep during the process.  There’s something so soothing about lying there with someone massaging your face.  When I woke up, I was given a little hairbrush to straighten out the mess that I’d gotten since coming out of the shower.  Back in the lobby, I was given a warm cup of ginger tea and an almond cookie before being sent on my way.  It was a wonderful way to end and I felt invigorated as I departed!

If I get the chance, I’d definitely want to do that again.  It was a great service experience.  Next time I’m opting for the four-hand herbal massage… two hours of synchronized movements from two masseuses at 1400 Baht!  How many people have four hands massaging them at once?  Until then, I’ll dream of going back, or getting the unique jade stone massage at Le Petite Retreat, right here in LA.

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