Things I like, would like to have, and stores I just had to share!

hoot earrings

purple and turquoise earrings with little purple and white owlsAren’t these little joys just amazing???  I looove the combination of purple jade and turquoise to complement the adorable little owls.  Purple’s my absolute favorite color and I tend to like blue hues, so this particular design is perfect!  I also really enjoy the unique styling of the “hook” part – certainly not what you’d normally find in a store!  [added jan.30.2010, discovered via the Pioneer Woman]

reusable straws

set of 12 reusable bamboo strawsOther than water bottles, the most wasteful use of plastic in our daily lives is probably straws (assuming you’ve given up most plastic bags, like me).  Those little suckers are all over the place, not very reusable, and not recyclable!  What a terrible thing to do to the environment.  I’d much rather carry around my own glass, bamboo, or stainless steel straw along with my To-Go Ware, People Towel, and water bottle.  Yes, I am a reusing addict.

I should probably get the bamboo straws for durability, but I like seeing the liquid coming up my straw and that makes the glass one oh so appealing… as for stainless steel, it’s just not my thing.  [added jan.03.2010]

Orangatang Stimulus Freerides

stimulus wheelsI’ve wanted new wheels for my board for quite awhile now, but I can’t quite justify it because they work just fine.  However, they are really small and I could use a set that lets me cruise a little easier.  I just need to work on my carving skills now… still too scared to go crazy with that one.

[added dec.2009]

Freakonomics & SuperFreakonomics


The only ones who have made economics cool.  All kinds of counterintuitive statements made based on observation of data and some questions asked that you probably never considered before.

[dec.2009 – Maybe I just want to borrow them from the library to read and not actually own… Hmm…]

[sept.2010 – Bought as audiobooks!]

Galileo thermometer

galileo thermometerBeautiful and useful.  It puts science to work for you in an elegant way and makes for a wonderful decoration anywhere, really!  Inspired after seeing them at the Griffith Observatory Shop.

[jan.09.2011 – Panda bought it for me!]


buckyballsYou can create all kinds of cool shapes and the best part is, it’s not messy!

[dec.27.2009 – Got it as a present! :)]

Pur water filter

pur filterAh, the clean taste of fresh, crisp water.  I like their motto: bottle your own water.  And so I shall.

[dec.2009 – Since Panda has a water filter, this would be superfluous, but hey, maybe we’ll need a replacement someday!]


itripOh, this is a nice way to make radio portable through a device that pretty much every young person owns now.

[dec.2009 – Not sure how relevant this is anymore, what with the I Heart Radio app, though I guess it’s good for when there’s no internet connection?]


supersacI have been dreaming of owning one of these for years (been on my list since 2002)!  I can’t wait until the day that I have my own place and can get one to lounge around in and use in lieu of a couch, chair, or even bed.  It’s great for the young adult who wants to just buy one piece of furniture and be done with it!

[feb.13.2011 – Purchased PillowSac. 🙂  Got a SuperSac from friend jan.21.2011]

magnetic back belt

back-beltI’m skeptical of the powers of magnets, but I do believe that having and using something like this will at least produce a placebo effect.  That’s why I found the cheapest one possible (that still looked like it isn’t shoddy).  Maybe this could help me with my chronic back pain from my sprained back in late 07/early 08.  And if not, it will certainly keep my back warmer and help in that little way.  I haven’t really felt too sore there lately though, so maybe I won’t need it after all…

[dec.27.2009 – What if I just made a belt out of my BuckyBalls?  I wonder if that would do the trick.]

portable printer

Polaroid’s PoGo is so cool!  Very compact and inkless, it makes printing pictures from your phone or camera a cinch.  I got a sample picture printed when visiting Best Buy once and it is very resilient.  It’s actually a sticker too and prints are smudge- and tear-proof as well as water- and fade-resistant.  I want!

[jan.03.2010 – Would be super fun, but how much would I use it?]

class watch

Forget about class rings, now it’s all about your very own personalized class watch!  Freakin’ expensive though… this one that I was playing around with is $770.

[I don’t wear expensive things like that, but it’s a dream…]


I’m always on the lookout for my next journal!

from brushdance.com, for all kinds of journals and stationery.

[I have a lot of great journals waiting to be written in – now I just need to pick up from where I left off at the end of 13 years of writing!]


I reeeeally want a decent hand-held video camera (that is compact as well), but this sucker is $300 and the special memory card (8GB) is $50.  -___-  Ouch, talk about a hole in my wallet.

[dec.2009 – Apparently they don’t exist anymore?  I don’t like the Flips much, after seeing one in real life, so what else is there out there?!]

just add oil!

All the shirts that Wong Fu make amuse me!  This, and the Love Growl are my favorite, but I want them all!

from the Wong Fu Store, full of cute items featured in Wong Fu Productions‘ videos.

seashell horseshoe luck

My best friend made this!  How cool is that.  The concept is nice too: East meets West (as inspired by her Asian heritage and her fiance’s Western background) with the delicate shell and the sturdy lucky horseshoe.

from etsy.com, where anyone can open up their own little handmade items shop!

[dec.2009 – Alas, the item is gone and she is no longer making jewelry for sale.  :(]

the cutest little heart!

Someday, when I feel like a splurge, I am totally getting this.

from etsy.com, where anyone can open up their own little handmade items shop!

intricate bling

It’s one of those things I’d love to wear, but never would.  It’s just so pretty!

from etsy.com, where anyone can open up their own little handmade items shop!

pretty pillow

One day, when I’ve got my own place to decorate… these would brighten a room!

from etsy.com, where anyone can open up their own little handmade items shop!

name a star!

I don’t know if I’d really want to have a star named after me, but it’s a cool concept.  “That little dot of light there?  Why, that’s Star Mary, she’s a beaut, isn’t she?”  Everyone wants to own something nowadays – intellectual property, land, even the universe!

from the ISR (International Star Registry) – there are plenty of stars to go around!

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