Little girl

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Now that Smokey’s been with us for over two weeks, she’s really settling into things and taking over the home in her adorable way. I’ve taken to calling her “little girl” when Smokey or Smokey Bear doesn’t feel right. Take a look at her all around the house…

20140419-222832.jpgShe poses authoritatively.

20140419-222911.jpgShe gets mischievous.

20140419-223040.jpgShe claims the couch.

20140419-223119.jpgShe claims my spot on the bed.

20140419-223232.jpgShe takes over my desk.

20140419-223247.jpgShe had her own getaway.

20140419-223348.jpgShe splays all over the place.

20140419-223341.jpgShe explores the bath.

20140419-223326.jpgShe stretches out.

Ah, what a good life! When she first arrived she couldn’t seem to truly let go and rest, but now she sleeps so soundly. 🙂 It’s great having some liveliness around here!

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