Mini golf time

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collage of obstacles from jungle-themed mini golfing at nightBack in 2nd grade, I went mini golfing (or putt putt golfing as I called it) and my only recollection was when somehow I found myself on the ground, screaming and crying as blood gushed from my knee. I don’t know how it happened, but it sure hurt and I still have a scar. I’m pretty sure I managed to do it to myself in just about the least dangerous activity there is, but who knows, maybe some kid accidentally whacked me. Whatever the case, I kind of never got around to playing again until a few years ago with Panda and friends and I sucked. Thankfully this time I fared better than expected! I even got a few 2s. 🙂 Good times.

Of course that left me with little time to blog, so you get to enjoy some images from the night. It was a fun jungle theme and I’d never really attempted this kind of thing in the dark so the shadows provided a unique challenge. I nearly lost my ball at one point! Too bad we got kicked out right at closing and couldn’t finish the holes. Fun time though! I’m glad we got to hang out a bit outside of work and the timing was perfect since I didn’t have plans. Now Thursday and Friday are completely different stories… it’s our anniversary coming up!

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