Oh government shutdown

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Well, they did it. Congress actually threw us over the cliff this time. Over the past few years, I’d hear about another fiscal cliff and Panda would joke about getting furloughed. Now we’re on Day 1 of the government shutdown and after a few hours in the morning to wrap things up for the indefinite future, he came home from work to wait it out.

capitol hill misspelled as capiton hil on tv

So eager to talk about the shutdown that they didn’t spell-check Capitol Hill.

We’re in a really good position, with ample savings and my income to get us through. So many others are nowhere near as fortunate and it’s just absurd that this in-fighting from our own government is affecting all these lives. I’m just glad that we don’t live paycheck to paycheck, but even so I do hope this doesn’t last long. We’re trying to save up for the new condo after all! In the short term, Panda gets to enjoy some quiet time off and a taste of what life for me was like the past year. I tried to recruit him to help me at work, but instead he’s getting things done like chores and a dentist appointment. Alas, a girl can wish right? So long as the shutdown doesn’t extend for too many weeks, we’ll just take it like an unexpected vacation (for him). There are even a bunch of restaurants offering discounts or free items for federal employees. Maybe he can go enjoy those!

It’s so sad that today is Yosemite’s anniversary and people can’t even go enjoy it. I feel bad for all the tourists who are around the nation, wanting to enjoy parks and museums and zoos… but getting shut out. I’m looking to the supposed leaders of our country to find a compromise soon.

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