Pet clam & sea snail

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When I was in Thailand, I wrote about the day I found a bunch of clams on the beach. Then I posted some videos of them burrowing into the sand. Here now are videos of the two that I took back to the hostel, climbing around, burrowing, and otherwise doing amusing things. I’m not the only one to find this fascinating, am I?

sea snail burrowing from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

sea snail and clam blending into the sand from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

happy clam from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

(Yeah, I know, it’s slow going. But check out how the sea snail flips itself over and burrows away, whereas the clam goes in tip first and squeezes its shell.)

sea snail crawling along from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

It just glides so smoothly. But out of water, it finds it’s no match for gravity:

sea snail scaling the wall from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Part claw, part… lotus? You decide:

what a clam really looks like from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Based on the previous video, now can you find the part of the clam that is sticking out?

camouflaged clam mouth from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

And then the grand finale! The clam is so happy it burrows a little, then thrusts itself out of the sand. Meanwhile, the sea snail decides to come out to play too.

active clam and sea snail from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

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