Physically aging

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bending backwards on ground with head touching feetI hadn’t realized how much more stiff my body’s gotten. Back in the day, my back was so flexible it was really hard for me to keep a straight back when I did pushups. I could practically touch my hands and feet together when I did the bridge and I easily touched my heels to my forehead when I leaned back while laying on my belly (similar to the picture shown). Up until high school, I did these types of back-bending exercises often. Then in college it didn’t really come up and over the years I sort of forgot about it. I tried to do it again a few nights ago and uh… yeah, let’s just say my back wouldn’t cooperate.

Some things I still can do, like touch my elbows behind my back and bring my heels all the way in when doing the butterfly stretch. But this? If I point my toes I can get them to touch my head, but it’s not quite the same. I did strain my back a few times since college, which must have tightened my muscles more than I realized. I wonder if I can still do the limbo like I used to too. I was always awesome at that, but I doubt I could get very low nowadays. I think it’s time to get back into yoga so I can regain some of that flexibility while building strength. Now if only I could get around to finding a good studio…

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