Pre-drywall walk-through

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Panda and I had our pre-drywall walk-through at the condo this week, where we got to check out the general frame and make sure we were getting outlets, cables, and ceiling rough-ins where we needed them. It was cool to be able to see the place in this unfinished condition right before they get the drywall installed and the interior starts looking like a home.

view upwards of wood beams supporting interior of condo frame mid-construction

There’s a whole lot of wooden beams!

colored stickers on window indicating approvals for construction of new condo

Got all the approvals in order for gas, plumbing, wiring, etc.

unfinished porch with single wooden support post

The porch is still in the works.

new condos construction site

The next building is already well underway.

pile of white panels laying on ground by construction site of new condos

Outside there are a ton of materials still to be used.

wooden beams for framework of walls and ceiling of condo under construction

This is where our sales guy explained to Panda how I get the walk-in closet. 🙂

bathtub sitting in wooden framework of new condo being built

Can’t wait to make good use of our new tub.

open hvac box with wiring and piping

All kinds of HVAC stuff going on in here.

wooden framework of stairs and walls

One last chance to see the stairs from this side before the walls get in the way.

large blocks of insulation sitting on wooden beams for future ceiling

There are random chunks of insulation everywhere.

trees and shrubs laying on ground getting ready to be planted on new condo lots

Many more trees to be planted between us and the single family homes we face in the back.

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