Ridiculous things he does

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Upon approaching a tight right turn: “Is this the turn?” *slows down slightly, but nowhere near enough to clear the turn*

“Oh, missed it.” *keeps going* (this happened multiple times, same turn)


Upon reaching the doors of a restaurant, tries to open the left door. It’s locked and I open the right side door. The next time, he does it again. The third time… I warn him, but upon exiting, he tries to use that door again!


Upon seeing an ambulance approaching behind his car, he drives on the right lane until it’s getting close and then gets into the left lane. The ambulance is like 75 feet behind us as I get him to quickly return to the right lane and slow down/pull over a bit.


red emergency lights outside fire stationUpon driving down a road where a blinking yellow light became solid, it doesn’t phase him. As it turns red, I comment on stopping. He stops just in time, as an ambulance and firetruck rush out of the fire station. He didn’t even know the emergency light was a legitimate signal.

Every time, these things make me roll my eyes and go “ai yah” to myself. Hehe.

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