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Oh, the things we do for each other.

Apparently the Simpsons and Legos got together for a Simpsons episode that will be airing tomorrow night and there are even some Lego figurines in honor of the Simpsons characters. Panda is a big fan of both, so he’s pretty thrilled about this whole thing. To get in the spirit, we went to get the little Simpsons Lego figurines that are for sale in select stores. Our first stop was Target, where the entire shelf of 100+ figurines was completely wiped out. We asked one of the guys there to check for inventory in the back and he was amazed that everything they had was gone. A quick check showed another location having some in the back, but it was far away so we decided to go to Walgreens instead.

simpsons lego characters ned flanders and mr. burnsAt Walgreens, I was surprised at how small the packets were. We sat/squatted there for a good half hour looking at the variety of packets, trying to find the characters Panda wanted most by trying to feel through the foil and attempting to identify the bump patterns on the packaging. It was hard to tell which bump patterns were on the packets, so we ended up doing a number on a bunch of the pouches as we felt for unique pieces. We managed to identify Marge, the old dude, Flanders, the clown, and I think one other one. As soon as we were able to confirm the Flanders guy, Panda was happy to take him and the old dude as the ones he’d buy. I felt absolutely silly spending an inordinate amount of time feeling up toys, basically, but I was determined to help Panda get the variations he liked. Ultimately we succeeded and now he can never say I’m not supportive of his quirky nerdy tendencies. 😛

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