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I’m often amazed at how functional I can manage to be even when my mind has practically shut down. I can drive, write, and have conversations… and then I don’t remember what happened later. Have you had that happen to you? Last night I was in quite a bit of pain from my back and Panda was massaging me when I drifted off. I was so warm and I was relaxing enough to fall asleep without realizing it. Panda even had a conversation with me before noticing I was asleep. I then woke up a few hours later and finished off my blogging for the night, but I barely recall what happened. How I managed to write about sailing coherently is a mystery to me.

Similarly, there have been times that I’ve driven home when utterly exhausted only to find myself pulling into the driveway with no recollection of how I drove there. Maybe I used all my brain power to do the driving so I had no room to store the memory? Whatever the case, I’m glad I haven’t had that happen to me lately. I’m sure my reaction time would be awful if anything were to get in my way, so it’s a total recipe for disaster. When it gets to that point, I think a quick 10-minute nap can be a useful refresher. Of course in our world of go, go, go, it’s hard to take that time to take care of yourself. I was meeting with someone once and he hadn’t gotten enough rest, so I could see him zoning out and even dozing off as we spoke. Poor guy really needed to just catch a few minutes of rest!

So are you like that too, pushing forward until your body and mind just give out on you? Or do you ensure to get breaks when you need them?

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