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Wounded soul

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wounded soul poem

The sadness in his eyes…

Hidden behind a veil of indifference

Yet —

Deep in his wounded soul

A broken heart


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cover image for cracked poem by mary qin

I fell through the cracks

I lay all alone

And I quietly hoped they’d help me

As others stumbled, they were helped up

“Soon it will be my turn,” I thought

Soon it will be my turn.

But the seconds dragged to minutes

And nothing

So I timidly hollered.

They peered down at me

I waved

They turned their noses – quiet, you!

Back to the ones above board!

Help them, help them instead


I fell through the cracks and it broke me




Now I choose to sit in the shadows

A tainted spirit and soul.

One day I might explode

Break open the boards above

Let everyone fall down here too


Or if I’m feeling generous

I’ll swim off to the sea

There’s a wide world out there

As soon as I’m strong enough to swim

As soon as the tide comes in

By and by

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cover image for by and by poem by mary qin

By and by
A month went by
By and by
A year.

By and by
A decade had gone

And she found herself alone,
Stuck in a job she did not enjoy
Spending her nights with TV dinners —
Numb to the years marching on.

On and on and on
They marched.

On and on and on.

Til she could no longer grasp the joy of her youth;
The triumphs, the failures.
It was just her in an empty apartment,
Wishing she hadn’t let it all go.

How did her life just float on by?
By and by, it did.

You. & I.

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cover image for you. & i. poem by mary qin

You who hold me down.
You who hold me back.
You who keep me caged.

How do you capture a whisper?
How do you keep still a moment?

All I ever wanted to be was
Whatever I wanted to be.

You try to hold me down.
You try to hold me back.
You try to keep me caged.

I live within your rules
And it is breaking me apart

But I dare not escape
I dare not defy you
For you rule the world
You rule my world.


I am drowning.
I am flailing.
I am suffocating.

I dream of a whisper.
I yearn for a moment.

All you let me be was
Whatever you wanted me to be.

I will not drown.
I will not flail.
I will not suffocate.
Any longer

You imposed your rules
And they nearly broke me

But I fight to escape
I struggle to defy you
I struggle to rule my world.

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