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365great Day 260: parents

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365great challenge day 260: parentsHappy birthday to my mom! I’ve written about how stupendous she is before, so I won’t go into detail again, but she’s really somebody to be admired. I mean really parents in general are pretty amazing (particularly mine :-D). They’ve worked so hard to bring me to this country and provide me with a comfortable upbringing. I’ve never had to worry about anything serious because they’ve set me up for a path of success. I can hardly believe how fortunate I am with everything I get – parents who aren’t overbearing, who teach me enough but let me learn on my own too, who show their love for me in all sorts of ways, who are always there if I need them, who allowed me to grow up in this country, who set fantastic examples of what it is to work hard and be a good person… they’re great in every way.

Happy Birthday

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Today is Panda’s birthday!  On Sunday, he told me that it was his Chinese birthday, so I joked that he got a year younger in three days (because by the traditional Chinese measure, you’re 1 year old when you’re born, so he was technically 23, then turned 22 today).  🙂  Isn’t that a fun way of looking at things?

He’s a hard one to get things for, so I was worried for awhile, but I managed to conjure up a few small items and make them into a scavenger hunt of sorts.  That way, it’s a fun journey of discovery too!  It was simple and practical, which is exactly what works for us.  No need for fancy bells and whistles.  All in all a fabulous day.  😀

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