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365great Day 294: childhood blankets

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365great challenge day 294: childhood blanketsThis blanket has been with me ever since I can remember. Over the years, its pattern has faded and the stuffing is all out of place, but it is oh so soft and comforting. While I’ve tried a multitude of other blankets, they can never replace this one and I hope I have it forever. I remember snuggling up with it when I was sick, playing fortress with it when I wanted to escape into my own world, and falling asleep with it enveloping me. I’ve wondered about the girls on it many a time and come up with stories about what is going on in the scene. Whenever I am home with my parents, I use this blanket and just pile on whatever else on top when it’s not warm enough. I’ve loved the smell of it freshly laundered and buried my face in it to capture my tears and wrapped my cats in it like it was swaddling cloth. It may be worn and old, but that is exactly what makes it great, for it holds a power to make me feel cared for.

Deep food coma

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The first few days we got back from the UK, I was doing pretty well with the getting up in the morning thing. I’d wake up around 5 or 6 and decide that it was too early, so I’d let myself slowly drift off again until about 7. By then my body couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to get up. Because of these earlier starts, I also got tired earlier in the day. In fact, as soon as we’d get back from dinner, I’d jokingly wrap up in my new sherpa throw and say, “Good night!”

curled up on couch with new super soft and comfy sherpa throw blanketNext thing I knew, Panda would be getting ready for bed and turning off the lights. For some reason that always woke me up, though I very easily slipped back into sleep. Then another hour or so later I’d wake up and force myself to get up to blog for the night. I am dedicated to my craft, after all! If the only thing I get right is that I post every time I tell myself I will, at least I will have that. Most recently I have a goal of one post a day in addition to my 365great post at the end of the day. I’ve been doing quite well and throwing in posts about random things, mixing in reviews and pictures and whatnot. I was not about to let some strange sleep schedule jeopardize that! 😛

But what I’ve learned is that jetlag + sherpa + dinner = major food coma/crash. I mean, 8 PM I’m sound asleep as if I’m 5 again. Actually, I’m not even sure I slept that early as a child. It’s just not my thing! So I’ve got to say, this sherpa and plush blanket is one magical thing to get me to fall asleep so well. I can’t get enough of it and I’m already thinking about getting more (much to Panda’s chagrin, lol). I’ve had to resist using it tonight for fear of falling asleep before either of my blog posts are up. Alas, work now keeps me busy in the day and I need to write posts at night! This will take some getting used to.

365great Day 176: sherpa throws

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365great challenge day 176: sherpa throwsO.M.G. !! I think I have found heaven. Sooo basically it started when we were up in Scotland, wandering the streets of Edinburgh. There was a Woolen Mill store selling a variety of Scottish items, perfect for tourists like us. We stepped in to browse and see what we might want to buy. Near the door, I saw a pile of sherpa throws on sale. They were originally £40 and currently being offered at £20. It took one touch for me to want one. They’re sooo soft! But Panda was skeptical… did I really want to get that? I thought about it for a bit and decided I’d “think about it” and go back to the hotel to research what sort of price I could get them for. I mean, their bright red Scottish fabric pattern wasn’t really my style so maybe I could get something more neutral. Then today, there we were at Costco and what greets me just a few feet in but sherpa throws?!! One look and I knew I had to have them. They were $20 and solid colors. PLUS the non-sherpa side is plush so you really can’t lose, no matter which side you use. It’s so soft and warm! I love it and have been rolled up in it all night. I’m totally bringing this with me on future flights, since I always get soooo cold and this last time my stomach was aching the whole time. I have found my holy grail of blankets and I’m never letting go. In fact, I think I’ll stay in bed all day tomorrow… forget beating jetlag in time for my first day of work! (Ok just kidding there but I almost could.)

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