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On My Mind, episode 6

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Linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for “Thursday Thoughts” aka On My Mind.

a~ I can’t believe this is my 6th one already! Where did the time go? I’ve been bumming around lately because I’m hoping my first choice in future employment pans out and I’m not that motivated to apply for other jobs just yet, plus I haven’t watched my shows since early February so I’m catching up now that all the seasons seem to be ending. I’m slowly transitioning back to working more and resting less.

b~ On the box front, I have a lot going on! I got into the Influenster Spring Voxbox (yay!) and hopefully I qualify for the summer one as well. I sprang for the May Ipsy bag and while I liked the overall value and items in the bag, I’m looking to trade two items. I’m going to cancel the subscription and wait for June spoilers before deciding if I want to get it again. I got that free Bulu box that I mentioned and I’ve suspended my subscription for now. I liked the box but I didn’t love it, so I’m reluctant to spend money on it when they’re more on the healthy scale than I’m interested in. I also received my first Conscious Box and it was packed full of goodness! Gonna take me some time to get through everything. And finally, I got Panda to get me a Treatsie box subscription because I’m a sucker for treats. Call it a very early birthday present.

c~ Every now and then I get my contacts out of place in my eye and it hurts for a bit, but then I get it back in place. Awhile back, my contact kept creating discomfort in my eye so I took it out and put it back in after washing it down with solution. Still, it didn’t feel right and the next time I took it out I discovered this:

torn/ripped contact lens

Torn contact lens. Ouch!

d~ It has been many long months since I heard from BzzAgent and I was pretty sad they weren’t including me in campaigns even though my BzzScore is pretty high. Then FINALLY I got an email from them and I am IN for the Dr. Scholl’s massaging gel insoles! Pretty excited about that since I’ve always wanted to try them but kind of never got around to figuring out which one I should get. I’m going to put them to the test on my next vacation, where I expect a whole lot of walking. My feet always hurt after standing all day and a massaging gel sounds amazing.

small brown stone owl sculpture and owl face watch

Some of the owl things I’ve gotten.

e~ Is it just me or are owls cute on/as almost any product? I mean, I love them as jewelry and decorations and sculptures and designs and even oil warmers. Something about their round, pudgy bodies and those giant eyes melt my heart. If I could find an owl bag, owl blanket, or gosh even an owl metronome, I’d probably get it. I was pretty tempted to get a felt iPad case made to look like an owl, but I don’t use cases for my iPad so I resisted. I’m that much more likely to get something if there’s an owl involved! I feel similarly about pandas and cats.

f~ I’ve made it a habit of keeping a lot of my skincare and beauty products upside-down lately. Everything from toners to shampoo to nail polish. A lot of these products tend to settle and I don’t like having to shake them up each time, so by keeping them on their heads, I don’t usually have to shake them. And for very thick things like lotion, I don’t have to struggle (as much) to get it to come out. I wonder if they have some sort of adjustable rack that I can use for this purpose?

g~ I’m obsessed with marinated mushrooms!! It was about 10 years ago that Costco stopped carrying the ones they had in their stores and I’ve been checking the pickled goods aisle ever since. In the years since, I managed to find them in the salad bar at Ralph’s a couple times, but it is very expensive to buy them by the salad bar’s weight pricing! Then I happened upon a new brand at Costco out east when I was visiting Panda a few months ago and I was joyous. I took home two jars that day and devoured them. We got some more jars and I happy ate them until I had to come back to SoCal. Unfortunately my local Costco does not carry it. I then had Panda bring me more when he came to visit. A few weeks ago he reported that there were only two more boxes of it left in the store, so I had him help me buy an entire box (8 jars). Gotta stock up in case Costco stops selling them! Yes, I am that in love with these suckers.

h~ When I got a bar of Mrs. Meyers soap in my Yuzen box many months ago, I was pretty excited to try this brand I’d been curious about. Once I started using the soap I found that the smell was too clean for my taste. I was sad and put it aside while trying to figure out what to do with it. Then I had to do some cleaning and I decided to use that soap since it was handy and seemed to cut through grease really well. I’m glad I did! For some reason, using it to clean with is perfectly fine, but using it to wash myself with feels weird. Maybe it’s a psychological thing? I associate that refreshing smell with cleaning but what I use on my body I want to feel more like I’m beautifying. Totally random, but just goes to show that you may not like something for certain reasons at first, but those very reasons can make it great for something else.

What are your random thoughts these days?

Will you BB mine?

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[Disclosure: I was provided a full size product for free in exchange for feedback as part of a BzzAgent campaign. All opinions are my own and I am not being compensated otherwise.]

I had just started to hear about BB creams and was considering buying some when I got invited to the BzzAgent campaign for Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free BB Cream! What perfect timing. I got a chance to try out this new BB cream product by Garnier and experience what the craze is all about. This is just the kind of product I need, since I have no patience for a skincare routine that requires half a dozen steps each time.

garnier oil-free bb cream sent for bzzagent campaignThe Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free BB Cream is meant for combination to oily skin, which is exactly what I have. It comes in three shade options: Light/Medium, Medium/Deep, and Deep. I opted for the Medium/Deep since I’m not fair-skinned but I’m not very tan or dark either. When I first tried it, it blended really well and I was happy with the results. Immediately, you could see improvement: my face no longer shiny, my skin tone was evened out, my blemishes and redness were less visible. All in all, I looked like I have a lot healthier skin.

garnier oil-free bb cream info sheet for bzzagent campaignI love that I don’t have to worry about my skin when I’m out and about during the day. With this BB Cream, my skin is hydrated, protected from the sun with SPF 20, pores are minimized, skin tone is evened out, and shine is controlled. It’s not greasy and super lightweight too, so you won’t even remember you put it on – it’s amazing how natural it feels. Once you put it on, you’ll see your skin has a nice matte finish, with all those skin problems evened out. The bottle is quite large, with a full 2 fl oz worth of product. It’ll last me a long time!

garnier oil-free bb cream bottle held in handGarnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free BB Cream contains a mineral called Perlite, which is superb at absorbing oil and water (twice its weight worth!). It’s also non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic, aka it won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts! And of course the oil-free formula is important for those of us with combination or oily skin. If you’re a dry-skinned person, then they have a different formulation for you. Either way, you’re covered! The coverage lasted well for me, even during a very active day out. I was so glad I didn’t have to think about how my skin looked as I met new people and had a bunch of pictures taken. 🙂 While you probably still want to use concealer on trouble areas, the BB cream will help even out everything else.

garnier oil-free bb cream with sample swatchThe only thing I don’t like about the product has nothing to do with its performance on my skin – rather, it’s the design of the tube. Since the cream is rather liquidy, it comes out quickly and sometimes I get too much. The hole is too small to try to get the cream back in effectively, so I either waste some or try to find more areas to slather it on. If I leave the tube on its head, I’m guaranteed to get too much when I open the cap. I think they could improve this by either making a pump top to dispense the cream in a more controlled fashion, or change the shape of the tube so you can keep the cap side facing up (which right now you can only do if you have something for the bottle to lean against).

Still, overall I do love my BB cream for giving me the confidence to go out in the world without thinking about how my skin looks. It makes skincare so easy that even I can do it!

Garnier shampoo/conditioner for less than $1!

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Here’s how to get a 13 fl oz Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge shampoo or conditioner for less than $1!

bottles of garnier fructis hydra recharge shampoo and conditioner 13 fl oz eachI had received Garnier’s new Hydra Recharge products for a BzzAgent campaign awhile back and really enjoyed them. As I mentioned in my review, I’m not in the same location as before, so while that set sits out east, I’m stuck here on the west coast with no product. Sooo I decided it was high time to get some to use over here as well! Luckily, as part of my BzzAgent campaign, I have a special link you can use to print a coupon for $1.25 off any full-size Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, or treatment (expires 5/13/13). Combine that with the $1.00 off a full-size Garnier Hydra Recharge shampoo or conditioner coupon from Target (expires 4/27/13) and you’ve got yourself quite a deal!

At my local Target, the 13 fl oz sizes are $2.99. With the coupons, your Hydra Recharge shampoo or conditioner comes to $0.74 plus tax and hey why not use your Target Card to get an additional 5% off? So for less than a dollar, you can walk away with a wonderfully fragrant and hydrating hair care product from Garnier. The shampoo has these fun little beads that burst when you wash your hair and the entire line smells of a luscious fruity scent – it’s a combination of kiwi, passion fruit, and goji berry! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and print those coupons, then head over to your closest Target to snag this deal pronto! It won’t last much longer…

This is an example of what the coupons look like. Do NOT attempt to print from this picture. I’ve blurred them out a bit just in case. Please use the links above to get the coupons legitimately. Thanks!

garnier fructis hydra recharge manufacturer's and target coupons example

365great Day 5: BzzAgent

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Learn more about 365great here.

365great challenge day 5: bzzagent

Always providing full size free products to try!

With all the ways to get free things, few are as rewarding and hassle-free as BzzAgent. All you do is fill out surveys so they can best match you with products, then wait to get invited to a campaign. Once you join a campaign, you’re sent a full size product (or coupon for a full size) to sample and you’re encouraged to share your thoughts about it/them through social media channels, in person, and in any other way you see fit. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this site earlier, since I usually find out about cool new sites pretty quickly. Once I did and saw how legit it was, I jumped right in. I went crazy connecting my social media accounts, filling out their surveys, and looking around to see what I could do to maximize my opportunities.

As I let it simmer, I went about my business until one day about two months later – boom! An email in my inbox invited me to the MorningStar Farms campaign, trying veggie burgers. I got a coupon and went to my local store to pick out any flavor I wanted. It was so exciting! Not long after, I got invited to some beauty-related ones, including Schick’s Hydro Silk razor, Garnier’s Olia hair coloring system, and most recently, Garnier’s BB cream campaign. I love how you always get a full size of the products to try and there are no mandatory activities to do. Plus, it’s completely free unlike many other “free” offers where you need to spend money elsewhere to earn your free reward. Ultimately, BzzAgent really impresses me with their reputation; I know that I can trust them to make me feel valued and not make me jump through hoops just to get a teeny tiny sample. This is how sampling programs should be, and that’s what makes them great!

Slick razor upgrade

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I’ve used a Venus razor since I started shaving some 12-13 years ago. I don’t shave often, so those first couple of replacement heads that came with the handle have lasted me all this time. While I have supplemented my shaving with a few disposable razors and whatnot when I was at hotels, I’ve pretty much been a one-brand gal. Enter the Schick Hydro Silk razor, which I was given to try (for free!) as part of a BzzAgent campaign.

collage of schick hydro silk razor box openingWith five blades spaced pretty close together, you get a very close shave and I was actually able to navigate my knees and ankles without fear of nicking myself!  They have a strip of “moisture serum” that is supposed to sort of melt from the heat of your shower, but I didn’t really notice it coming off to hydrate my skin. Still, my legs didn’t feel dry so it must have worked, right? Also nice is a little suction cup hanger so you can keep your razor within reach, yet out of the way in your shower.

After trying the Schick Hydro Silk razor, I definitely have a very positive impression of Schick. Prior to this, I hadn’t really known much about the brand or thought of it as highly as I did Gillette, but now that I’ve experienced one of their products, I’d put them on par with Gillette.  In fact, they might just be my go-to brand for my shaving needs now. That will be determined as I continue to put their razor to the test over the next few years!

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