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365great Day 208: clouds

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365great challenge day 208: cloudsOh what a brilliant skyline we had this evening as the sun was setting. The light came at just the right angle to create an amazing hue on the clouds lingering overhead. You could see everything from golden yellow to deep purple and it was stunning. If the clouds weren’t there to reflect the light, we wouldn’t have nearly as cool a view. I also enjoy thunderstorm clouds, with their deep grey menacing look bringing thunder, lightning, and rain. It’s the perfect time to curl up with a hot drink and get cozy as the pitter patter of the rain and rumbling of thunder create a symphony of sound. On the flip side, those super fluffy white clouds floating ever so peacefully overhead is striking too, especially against a rich blue sky. It’s always fun to look up and see what sort of clouds are blowing by; it’s great entertainment.

Cutting through clouds

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I love looking up at the sky. I especially enjoy looking whenever I heard something flying by. This time, the plane weaved in and out of the thick clouds as I followed its sound. I can be entertained for ages like that.

plane flying through overcast skies from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Ever-changing cloudscape

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view from plane of sky spotted with clouds

view from plane of sky covered in dust-like clouds

view from plane of sky covered in blanket of clouds with ripples

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