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365great Day 286: rainbows

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365great challenge day 286: rainbowsRainbows are such a fascinating phenomenon. Few things are more awe-inspiring than a gorgeous rainbow appearing as a rainstorm clears the area. It’s a reminder that after the storm can come such beauty, tranquility, and wonder. Nature has amazing ways of showing us how the good and bad often go hand in hand. And of course the actual science behind it is pretty cool too, the way that light behaves in such an unexpected way. I mean, who would have guessed all those colors could come from refracted and reflected light? Today I watched a video of a lady talking about how when things get the hardest and you think you can’t make it through, you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. In a sense, I feel like I might be on that precipice right now. I’m ready for this storm to be over and the rainbow to brighten my day. I smile just thinking about it and anticipating the peace it will bring. I know it’ll be great when it finally comes!

365great Day 36: plasma balls

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365great challenge day 36: plasma ballsThese are such fun toys! I mean, how trippy is it to put your finger on there and watch as it responds to your touch? Even without touching the plasma ball, the constantly moving “lightning bolts” extending out is pretty cool to watch. If you’ve never played with one of these, you’re definitely missing out. It’s like having a magic ball that follows your every move in beautiful hues of pinks, purple, blue, and white. It’s a fun scientific gadget that is sure to please! I’ve got one as a desk toy that actually operates as a USB splitter – practical and pretty in one! A cool gizmo that brings science alive in such a fun way is truly great.

365great Day 26: scented pens

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365great challenge day 26: scented pensEver write or doodle (maybe even scribble around) just so you can use up ink? Yeah, you’ll want to do that with these amazing pens. The lovely fruity scents that waft up from the paper are deliciously reminiscent of the produce these pens are meant to emulate. Plus, with fun colors covering the whole spectrum, you can represent just about anything with these pens. I’ve always loved writing things down, just for the feeling of pen on paper and with such fun writing instruments, I only enjoy it more! Pens that not only engage your sense of sight and touch, but smell as well? That’s pretty great.

Dr. Scholl’s custom fitting

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This is what we learned about the way we stand:

dr scholls orthotic center machine showing high pressure on heels

You can see I hold most of my weight on my heels and tend to put a little more pressure on the right.

dr scholls orthotic center0 machine showing more pressure on left foot

Meanwhile, Panda puts a lot more pressure on his left foot.

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