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Tarantula happy dance

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It always amuses me that tarantulas weave their web by doing what looks like a happy dance. This one just got a cricket to eat and is repairing parts of her web.

tarantula dance from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

When bugs try to enter

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large bug crawling up car window to crackI don’t know what it is about bugs and Panda, but they sure seem attracted to him. I previous shared a video of a bumblebee that wouldn’t go away from the window. It almost seemed to be searching for him each time it flew by and I was afraid to open the porch door because it nearly came inside. Just last night, this bug acted as if it wanted to enter the car as Panda was trying to get out. We kept the door closed hoping it would fly off again but it climbed up the window until it found the crack (and thank goodness it didn’t come in!!). I got out on my side to take a picture from the opposite view but as soon as it saw me it went off. Apparently I do not hold the same attraction that he does.

Then of course there are the mosquitoes that have gotten a few tasty meals out of Panda’s blood. That one at least makes sense, since they like to feed off us. But when it comes to the variety of other insects that have a strange fascination with Panda, I am just baffled. Does he emit some odor that only bugs can detect? Perhaps they find him fragrant as a flower? Or do they just like how he looks? 😉 It’s kind of a funny situation, especially considering how he is not a fan of bugs. While I will play with them, he avoids them. And it might be just that that attracts them. Ironic.

closeup of cicada sitting on stairsOh, and on a separate bug-related story, when we were heading out earlier in the day yesterday he told me about a grasshopper sort of thing on the stairs. We get to that part and I find a cicada lying upside down. Just as I was saying something about it being dead and he was trying to explain how it was alive, I went to pick it up by the wings and flip it over to show him what a cicada looks like up close. Suddenly, it started to flap its wings manically and I screamed so loud as I quickly let go! I nearly threw my phone from my hands from the shock. I really expected it to be dead. I mean, what cicada lies on its head? Must be a dying/weak one. So yeah, lesson learned – poke it first before trying to pick it up. This is like the time I was young and saw a cool fuzzy rock. I went to pick it up only to find it was actually a grey bumblebee and it stung me. I had no clue bees could be that color! And hey, how cool is a fuzzy rock?! Yeah… maybe my interest in bugs isn’t a good thing.

365great Day 112: butterflies

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365great challenge day 112: butterfliesButterflies are such interesting insects. The way they transform from crawling caterpillars to flitting butterflies is amazing. The way their tongue curls up when they’re not eating, then uncurls to reach deep into flowers for nectar is fascinating. The way they gently flutter their wings to fly about is captivating. They also represent so much to us – hope, rebirth, luck, and even that nervous or happy energy we get in our stomachs. Who doesn’t love observing these gorgeous creatures? They’re so delicate and fun to watch. I visited a butterfly house today and it was great!

365great Day 92: rays

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365great challenge day 92: raysWhat tremendous creatures these rays are. They glide through the ocean and blend in with the sea floor, usually not causing a ruckus. They don’t really attract attention to themselves – they’re not bright or scary, but they are quietly beautiful in their own way. I never appreciated them until I got to pet some while visiting the Underwater World at Sentosa. I was shocked at how soft they are! Their skin is unlike anything else I’ve touched before. They were super friendly too, swimming right up to the glass wall and even coming out of the water so I’d pet them. It was such an amazing experience to be able to interact with them like that and I think everyone should go give it a try. They might just become your new favorite pet species. I’d absolutely love it if I could raise pet rays, but of course that’s not happening, so I’ll just continue admiring them whenever I can. I’m so glad I got to touch them; what a great experience.

Fit furry fellow

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I’ve never seen a caterpillar move quite so fast before!

caterpillar run from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Grounded jellies

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These jellyfish spend their lives in a rather pointless dance…

upside down jellies from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

365great Day 14: sea monkeys

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365great challenge day 14: sea monkeysSea monkeys are seriously some of the coolest pets ever. They’re super low-maintenance, cost very little, and are immensely entertaining. For around $10-15, you can get a starter kit including aquarium, eggs, and food. I also recommend getting an aerater (they have the “million bubbles pump” or you can find your own tool) to help refresh the water. Beyond that, you really don’t have any other expenses! Just follow the directions to get your eggs hatching and you’re on your way to sea monkey bliss.

These little suckers are awkward and funny fellows that are really fun to watch. You can watch them grow from a pinpoint-sized dot to about 1 cm long, all the while swimming about energetically in their backwards flowing fashion. Soon enough, you’ll find a pair mating and if you’re lucky, your brood will multiply. At this point, it’s probably best to get them a larger container, since I think I’ve had batches die due to overcrowding. Other than that it’s super easy to care for them – just feed every few days and keep out of direct sunlight. They’re really hardy and can last a long time without a feeding, if you need to go on a trip or something. For that sort of convenience and price, sea monkeys as pets are a pretty great idea.

Water game at Legoland

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Squirt the frog with the water gun!

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