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365great Day 243: baby animals

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365great challenge day 243: baby animalsThe young of almost any creatures are super adorable. They’re softer and wobblier and awkward and cute bundles of fun. Who doesn’t like kittens, puppies, ducklings, and the like? The way they waddle and squeak and don’t quite know how to do things is hilarious and endearing at the same time. If only they could just stay like that! My mom has always wanted a baby tiger for a pet, but of course you can’t keep them for long before they outgrow you. Meanwhile, I prefer smaller animals that can fit in your hands when they’re young, like these ducklings. Back in China in my childhood, my cousin and I would get baby chicks and ducklings from street vendors, then try to raise them at home. They were the sweetest little things! Unfortunately we were not very good at keeping them alive since we didn’t have a heat lamp and had no clue what we were doing. So I guess it’s best to leave it to their moms to raise them til they’re not cute anymore. Still, I love it when I can play with baby animals. They feel so great!

On My Mind, episode 5

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Ok, so I’m a day late, but I’m still linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for “Thursday Thoughts” aka On My Mind. 😛

a~ Sometimes all this stuff happens that I want to talk about but then it gets to be too much so I hold it off. So here’s a little bit of catching up!

susiecakes cupcakes in chocolate and red velvet b~ I finally tried Susiecakes back when Panda was here in LA and I really enjoyed the way they swirl their frosting! Georgetown Cupcake has their “signature swirl” and so does Susiecakes. From what I can tell, the frosting actually goes into the center of the cupcake too, for an ultimate “oozing” experience. Quite good! I wish the cupcakes were a bit bigger though, but I guess it’s better for me that they’re not.

c~ For awhile, Missy (my cat) wouldn’t go outside and spent the day napping on my bed or otherwise lazing around. To me, this was normal cat behavior, but to my mom, it was a signal of distress. She kept asking me if something was wrong with Missy and eventually it seemed like there might be. I started to become convinced that she was depressed because she doesn’t have another cat to play with. We do have another cat, Molly, but she’s old and grumpy and abuses poor Missy. I even seriously contemplated getting another cat for Missy to befriend! But hey, she seems to have recovered and enjoys a good run outside again. Third cat idea? Tabled.

the panda loves mystery box sent outd~ I got my first order for a mystery box and sent it out to a girl in Vegas. I had fun putting it together and trying to guess what she might like, but it’s hard to please people! I recently got her feedback saying she didn’t quite feel like it was the value she paid for, which made me a bit sad, but I really did try my best and I had outlined all the items she could expect. So now instead of mystery boxes I’m thinking of transitioning to grab bags so it’s even more clear what they’ll get.

cat laying in box on top of tissue paper and beauty products

Missy immediately thought: “Bed!”

e~ I’ve read up on some photo boxes used to take product photos and I found my own sort of solution. I “hacked” a photo box using a cardboard box from Costco and a solid colored piece of plastic. I’ve experimented with other things too, like tissue paper, but Missy seemed to think it was for her to play in! Check out one of the product photos I did for the Tatcha samples I got (review to come). I think it’s pretty good, though I wish the background didn’t have the blue since it doesn’t always look good. Still, not bad for a cheap version!

tatcha samples including deluxe sizes

corner of graze box with logof~ I have been sooo looking forward to my Graze boxes and even got a sneak peek when I went to check on the status. They ask you to rate the items in the box after they send it, so you can actually know what’s coming ahead of time if you’re curious. So far I’ve received two boxes and there have been some items I really enjoyed (and wished they had larger portions of) and some that I probably won’t want for awhile. Their rating system makes it really easy to get the ones you like and ensure you don’t get the ones you disliked. Reviews to come.

g~ So as you can tell from my Aveeno review, my Influnster VoxBox arrived! I really hope I continue to get more VoxBoxes since this has been fun and I enjoy using my new night cream. We were told we get in on the summer VoxBox automatically if we were one of the first 100 to finish the Aveeno brand challenge, which I’m pretty sure I did. We’ll see though!

h~ I got suckered in to signing up for Bulu box because of a free box offer, but I think I’m going to cancel before they charge me. After looking around at previous boxes, it appears that they’re too health-focused for my taste. I’ll still try that first box and see though – maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

pretty desk organizer for pens and paperclips/push pins at targeti~ I saw this super cute desk organizer at Target and I totally wanted it! I shouldn’t be splurging now though, so I will patiently wait for it to go on clearance before snagging one if I can. I find that when I have cool storage units like this, I’m much more likely to stay organized(ish). When I settle into my own home, I’m totally going to get things like this so I can stay motivated to keep things neater. I mean, when something’s fun, you tend to do it more! And how fun is a pretty little box like this? It’s just asking for me to put my pens and paperclips and push pins and rubber bands in there!

julep products including lotion, hand scrub, oxygen nail treatment, cuticle serum, and nail polish remover padsj~ In some more up-to-date news, I started day 1 of my 2-week testing for Pink Panel and just as I predicted, we got Julep products! Pretty psyched about that since I’ve been curious about their brand ever since I found out about their Julep Maven subscription service. I get to test out their glycolic hand scrub, oxygen nail treatment, and cuticle serum. The lotion and nail polish removers came to supplement the whole hand care experience so the entire testing period, I’m using all Julep products for my hands. I don’t know what to expect from the oxygen treatment and cuticle serum, but I already love how the scrub feels, smells, and works. It’s something I would definitely buy!

bottle of dried zoya nail polish held upside down

I held it upside down so you can see how solid it is.

k~ My Zoya nail polishes arrived today, though one got backordered and is on its way. One of the bottles was all dried out though! Whaaat? I was sorely disappointed and contact their customer service, so I expect a satisfactory resolution soon. This would involve more than just replacing the one I got, but we’ll see if they’re the “go above and beyond” types. [Update: they got back to me and they’re rushing a replacement. Meh. Maybe I expect too much of customer service.]

l~ On a similar note, the most recent Blissmo box contained a repeat item that was the bulk of the value of the box. Also not so happy about that, so I emailed their customer service. I do not enjoy paying twice for the same product when I’m paying to learn about new ones. As I mentioned to them, the least I would expect is another product from that company’s line, but a completely identical product is no bueno for a subscription box.

Hot desserts

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I wonder what their kid would be called?

cutie pie and stud muffin folders

Valentine’s surprise

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I’m not usually one for fanfare, but I do love a nice surprise now and then. Look at what Panda got me for Valentine’s! 🙂

seafoam green tous gift bag with pink & red gift tag

What’s this?!

inside of tous valentine's gift bag with red package

Peeking inside…

tous valentine's bag and box with baby panda

Baby Panda checks out the treat.

tous valentine's box open like flower petals

The red box opens up like flower petals to reveal a jewelry box.

round tous jewelry box with elastic band and bell

Cute little round jewelry box topped with a bell!

tous jewelry box opened to reveal bag inside

The next layer is the baggie.

tous jewelry box and pouch

Almost there!

tous bear flower ring

Yay, a cute little ring!

wearing tous bear green & white flower ring on finger

Look carefully and you’ll notice the “petals” are actually the TOUS bear wrapped around a sweet little Murano crystal.

iPhone camera blur

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Yesterday, my iPhone’s camera started acting up and wouldn’t properly focus. The result was what you might call “soft focus.”

cat napping with paw outstretched on laptop keyboard

I first noticed it when trying to take pictures of Missy being cute (and trying to take over my laptop).

cat napping with head resting on pillow

Subjects within about 6-8 inches came into focus, but anything further got blurry, like the background here.

cat outstretched on leg

After testing in daylight and various conditions, I confirmed that it wasn’t any number of factors – just a camera lens having issues.

Cat naps

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You know what makes me happy?  My adorable cats, sleeping the day away.  It brings serenity to my life. 🙂

cat dreaming from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Sometimes when Missy’s sleeping really soundly, she’ll twitch or move like she’s running or (like in this case) eating.

napping cats from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Robot romance

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set of girl and boy robot charms on chains

So cute! His and hers robots.

Baby goat feeding

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Their little legs are so knobbly and unstable! There’s something very cute about their awkwardness. 🙂

baby goats from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Baby black sheep

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The most adorable little baby sheep at the LA County Fair last year. The umbilical cord is still hanging on him!

baby black sheep from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Critter: cute or creepy?

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I love wildlife of all kinds, so it thought this field mouse-looking critter was quite cute, but I must admit that tail isn’t a very pretty sight… maybe it’s a deer mouse?

little field mouse running along sidewalk

He walks/runs with this awkward sort of gait, bouncing off the tips of his toes.

timid little mouse looking like a cat toy

This positioning looks very much like the toy mice I would buy my cats...

mouse sniffing the concrete

He was less than a foot from my feet and I was squatting, so I could have reached out to touch him!

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