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Free L’Occitane Tin with Mini Hand Creams

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Deal time! Panda recently notified me of a free offer from L’Occitane, where you can get a cute little tin with two small shea butter hand creams inside.When I found out about it on Friday, I wanted to go to the mall that very night! Luckily, when we went yesterday they were just getting started and we were actually the first to redeem the offer at that location. And here I was afraid they’d run out. 😛 It was so new that the cashier had to read through some instructions on how to handle the offer.

All you have to do it like/follow them, share the offer (I believe this is optional), and subscribe to their newsletter. If you’re not a VIP already, they’ll ask for your info at the store to sign up to be one. Pretty great deal for this set of products, good through next weekend. Hop on it now! #LOVELOCCITANE

Offer details:

-FREE collector’s hand cream tin with Rose and Vanilla hand creams (both 10 ml tubes)

-15% off select best seller items, including shea butter hand cream, foot cream, etc.

-redeem in store or online

  • in store: no purchase necessary
  • online: offer good with any purchase, plus spend $25 to get free shipping

-offer valid April 3-12, 2015 (while supplies last)

l'occitane collector's tin with bag inside of l'occitane collector's tin with two mini hand creams

size comparison of l'occitane collector's tin and mini hand creams against person's hand

Here’s a sense of the size of the items.

Buca di Beppo deal!

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buca di beppo promotional deal email for $15 towards mealThis weekend, Panda and I got a chance to go to the Buca di Beppo to redeem an offer. It was some sort of promo they were doing and the first 50k to register got $15 towards their meal! We both signed up and received the email for it. For some reason I could not find mine for the life of me, so we printed his and headed out. Later on, I was desperate so I checked in CloudMagic for the email and BAM they found it! I still couldn’t tell where it was originally in my email server, but that didn’t matter. I figured I might as well try showing the email and hope for the best.

buca di beppo welcome offer email with free pasta dealAlong with that email, my search result pulled up a welcome email with a different offer. At first I didn’t pay much attention, but then I decided to open it up. Turns out you can get a free pasta for joining their mailing list. I decided I’d rather get the free pasta, but I’d try to use them both. As we were looking at the menu in the restaurant, Panda checked his email and found that he had missed the welcome email, but received it as well. He had already placed his order for the penne arrabbiata using the $15 voucher, but I figured it was all such a great deal we might as well order everything and have a bunch of leftovers.

So, ultimately we were both able to redeem the free pasta (I went for the ziti and he opted for the spaghetti). I used my $15 towards the bruschetta. All in all, this entire feast only cost us about $8! Now how splendid is that?! It’s too bad Buca isn’t located closer and more convenient to us, or I’m sure we’d be here more often. Still, I plan on going back – I enjoyed all the pastas and really liked the brushetta.

buca di beppo meal to go with penne arrabbiata, bruschetta, bread, spaghetti marinara, and baked ziti

Juice Beauty deal

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When I saw an email from Juice Beauty about their new brightening pads, I was immediately intrigued. I love wiping my face with cleansing products and lately I’ve started to take note of the dark spots and unevenness I have. At their original price point, I wasn’t so sure about getting them. So, I do what I always do. I waited.

juice beauty green apple peel nightly brightening pads pre-order offer

Lo and behold, come Labor Day weekend, I see an offer for 15% off and free shipping (use code LABORDAY through tomorrow!). While I would have already gotten free shipping with this pre-order offer, that 15% is what made all the difference. While still pricier than I would prefer, I was convinced that I should at least try one jar. I’m waiting on a new credit card to arrive and I was hoping it would make it to me by Saturday so I could use it for this transaction, but the mail came and went with no card.

Today, I went to place my order and found that it was no longer pre-order status for this product. Not a huge deal, since the price is the same. The only thing I lose out on is the deluxe sample of the Green Apple Peel Sensitive – no worries, I’ve gotten plenty of samples of that from Yuzen! Instead, I got the normal sample set with my order (a trio of cleanser, serum, and moisturizer). I much prefer saving $6.75 to getting more product I won’t get a chance to use up.

I can’t wait to get these pads and try them out! If there are any Juice Beauty products you’re interested in, definitely take advantage of their Labor Day sale too. 🙂

The Body Shop hauls

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Awhile back, Panda saw a Groupon for The Body Shop and he bought it for me to use. After visiting the store and purchasing some items, I decided to get the Groupon myself for another run. We paid $15 each for $30 worth of stuff. I now have a nice little collection of products from them, which I’m really enjoying. Let me share my two hauls!

the body shop tea tree oil cleansing wipes, bottle of tea tree oil, and vineyard peach body butter

Haul #1

The first time around, I was really focused on the tea tree oil products because of my incessant acne. Of course I also had to try one of their body butters! That’s what drew me to the store in the first place. The moment I smelled the Vineyard Peach, I knew I had to have it. It reminds me of white peaches from China, so fresh and juicy and lightly sweet. Have you ever seen those flat peaches? Between those and the peaches featured in the Journey to the West, that’s exactly what I think of here. Since they offer buy two get one free, I got either the Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes or Tea Tree Oil for free. I can’t quite remember the pricing, though the wipes were around $12 and the body butter was full price at $20 (I wonder if I should have gotten the 3 for $30 deal instead).

I’ve nearly used up the wipes and I’m probably halfway through the tea tree oil. I think they’ve definitely helped calm down my skin and I always feel so great after using them – like my acne is really being tackled. They have a slight tingling sensation upon application and smell medicinal. Meanwhile, I’m saving the body butter for when I’ve used up some more lotions, but I couldn’t resist trying out the bit that got on the lid and it feels fabulous. Just a little bit applied into my skin perfectly and left me with a whiff of peach.

the body shop mandarin & tangelo body, room, & linen spritz, special edition blueberry body butter, tea tree oil skin clearing lotion, and brazil nut body scrub

Haul #2

The second time, I was looking for more variety and actually was hoping to get more of the cleansing wipes, but they were all out. I opted for the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion instead. If I can’t wipe my face with it, why not apply it after cleansing? I originally got the Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub and special edition Blueberry Body Butter as the other items, but since the body butter was on clearance for $10, it didn’t count towards my buy 2 get 1 free option. Sooo I browsed around and added the Mandarin & Tangelo Body, Room & Linen Spritz – turns out to be a most excellent choice!

I remember the scrub was $20 or so and I think the lotion and spray were somewhere around $12-15? So far I’ve used the lotion, which is great for offering that healing feeling without the stickiness of the tea tree oil itself. I’ve also been spraying the spritz around and I love it! I’m so glad I had to choose another item, or else I might not have discovered it. I’m putting the body butter away for now since I have a ton of other items, but I really wanted blueberry because they’re my favorite fruit. I know, total sucker here. As for the scrub, I was really drawn to the unique Brazil nut ingredient. I think it’s kind of almond-y? Plus the scrub has small scrubby bits and large scrubby bits, which is super fun!

If you’re looking for a deal on The Body Shop stuff, they’re currently running their Christmas in July promotion: 40% sitewide and free shipping!

Shopping success

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I am so absolutely pleased with my trip to Target yesterday (and then a visit to CVS today). You see, I’d been coveting a reed diffuser, but I kept putting it off, hoping for a good sale. By the time I finally decided to get the one I’d set my heart on, Target had apparently stopped carrying them. Just my luck. Still, much like the marinated mushrooms I can no longer find at Costco, I still check every time I’m in the store. Just in case.

philosophie by pure natural tangerine and olive reed diffuserAnd what do ya know? Just like those mushrooms, which took nearly a decade to resurface, the very reed diffuser I was searching for showed up on a shelf yesterday. Just one, and thankfully in a scent I was interested in. It was hidden off in the back of a shelf, not even grouped with the other reed diffusers. I immediately grabbed it, hardly daring to believe my stroke of luck. Then I went to scan the price, wondering if it was still the normal full price. I think it normally would have been $13.99 or so, but the scanner showed $4.48! I was so excited I called Panda immediately so he could swing by another Target on his way home and see if it had some too.

I had really given up hope on ever seeing these again and probably would have gotten one of the other brands eventually, had I not run into this one. What’s so special about this one? Well, I liked that it wasn’t just reed sticks, but they had a few that were bent and woven into leaf shapes. I don’t know why that was so important to me, but I just didn’t like the ones with nicer bottles or other reed styles (one had paper flower sort of things on a couple of the reeds). This was unique enough yet not too much flair. I think the scent is pretty special too, though I’m sure I could find a scent from the other brands that I’d enjoy as well. Now that I have this, I’ll be on the lookout for a cool bottle. Satisfy one craving and then go to the next, right?

I know, I’m crazy for making such a big deal out of such an unimportant item, but I can’t help it. I get attached and I want something, but not at full price, and then I end up missing the opportunity usually. To prevent that, I’ve started to get things I really want when I’ve waited it out for just a little bit. In fact, in this same shopping trip I got a bunch of other items that I didn’t want to regret not purchasing.

As for the CVS trip, it tapped into the Yes To facial wipes that I’ve had on my list but weren’t purchased because I know they won’t be phased out anytime soon and I can wait around for a deal. First thing I saw as I entered the store was a table with buy one get one 50% off on the Yes To products. I thought that was a decent deal, but what sold me was the set of $3 off $10 coupons that were also offered there. That helped bring down the price to nearly half off both products I’d get. I’m now the happy owner of two types of facial wipes from them. 🙂 It’s these little wins that bring a smile to my face every time I see and use the products I got!

365great Day 313: Wrapp

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365great day 313: wrappI enjoy the Wrapp app because it offers a chance to get free money. People can gift you various amounts, sometimes at no cost to them and there is no obligation to spend a certain amount, so you just need to find something cheap enough in store! Panda and I gift each other $5 offers when they’re being promoted and are freebies. At Office Depot, you can get plenty of things for $5. At American Eagle… not so much. So it often depends on where you’re shopping and which brands are offering free money, but at the least you can get a discount if you were planning on purchasing there anyway. I got some shoes at Charlotte Russe on sale for an even better price by using the credit I had in my Wrapp app. It’s a great way to save at certain stores!

365great Day 147: Hukkster

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Learn more about 365great here.

365great challenge day 147: hukksterHukkster takes the beauty of technology, where you can automate things, and empowers consumers to buy items at better prices. When you “hukk” something, Hukkster tracks it and you can set it to alert you when the price drops. Save time keeping track of when sales or discounts will bring down the price of those items you’ve been eyeing. For a long time, I had some American Eagle jeans hukked and I kind of forgot about them. Today I got an alert on a pair and it was down to $16!! Um, yes I’d LOVE jeans at that price, thank you. I went over the AE site and even though the site lists the jeans as going from $49.95 to $39.99 without mentioning the further discount to $16, once I added them to my cart I saw the appropriate price show up. I was so happy I actually found two other pairs on clearance and paid less than $45 for three pairs of pants (two jeans & one trouser). You could easily pay more for just one pair, so I’m pretty thrilled. This type of service is great!

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