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Summertime spottings

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The thing I’m going to miss most about NoVA is all the different creatures you can find in nature. On just a weekend stroll, we were able to find many animals!

momma duck at edge of pond with half a dozen ducklings

A momma duck with at least 6-7 babies.

green frog camouflaging in leaves by pond

A green frog camouflaging against the leaves.

frog or polliwog in water with head sticking out

A small frog and many polliwogs!

giant polyphemus moth on grass

A giant moth that I think is a polyphemus moth.

I love finding cool new life all around me!!

365great Day 107: feeding animals

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Learn more about 365great here.

365great challenge day 107: feeding animalsOne of the things I love most when I’m outdoors is being able to feed the creatures that I encounter. This may be various forms of birds, fish, or mammals and sometimes even insects. Usually it’s fish, turtles, ducks, and squirrels. It’s really cool how just about all of them love some bread. Is bread some sort of universally-loved food for all animals? Sure seems like it! In areas where there is a ton of foot traffic, I can luck out and get animals that will actually eat out of my hand. This happened with the ducks pictured and previously with squirrels and small birds. I get such a kick out of semi-domesticating them by training them to get so close and get the food from my fingers. It’s great!

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