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365great Day 360: fresh produce

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365great day 360: fresh produceWalking through an open-air market with stalls and stalls of farmers selling their produce is a refreshing experience. Back in the day, it used to be the norm to go grocery shopping multiple times a week to get the fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. that you needed to cook with. Since many of those things wouldn’t keep, it was a constant cycle of getting food to cook it within a few days. Nowadays with all sorts of foods with preservatives and fridges and freezers to keep them suspended in time for a bit longer, the experience is totally different. But even just going to a supermarket and getting produce from their aisles is far more refreshing than grabbing a box of something pre-made. I like connecting with my food in its original form and have been buying more produce lately. Taking a bite of a fruit or vegetable in its actual form is pretty great.

365great Day 276: fresh figs

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365great challenge day 276: fresh figsMost of us probably first had figs in a snack or as a dried snack itself. I’m pretty sure my first encounter was with fig Newton’s. I loved the sweetness and the bits of crunch that the seeds provided. It was gooey yet crispy all at once. It wasn’t until I was much older that I ever saw a fresh fig, with its bulbous shape and skin that didn’t look edible. Every now and then I crave that funky fruit and I find it extremely hard to find it offered in dishes at a restaurant. There was a fabulous salad from Bottega Louie that reignited my desire for figs, but it’s seasonal, so I struggled to find another option. When I was traveling to San Francisco once, I was thrilled to find a tea house that offered it along with other fruit, so I got that plate. Then I started to see them at Whole Foods, so I totally need to make my own salads with them. It’s gonna be great. 🙂

365great Day 31: freshly baked

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365great challenge day 31: freshly bakedDon’t you just love the smell of something baking in the oven? Whether it’s bread, cookies, brownies, cake, a pot pie, a pizza, or whatever your favorite may be, a wonderful smell starts wafting up in the air and then you get to pull out a hot, delicious, steaming tray of food to eat. As the food cools down, you can dig in and enjoy the sensory experience of tasting and smelling it, as well as enjoying the lovely soft texture while it’s sill moist. It’s one of the simple things that is oh so satisfying. Totally great!

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