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That girl with purple hair

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As a treat to myself for a job well done presenting to a VP and to celebrate the holiday weekend, I finally tried purple hair a week ago. I’ve gotten highlights and streaks of color before, but never done my full head. I was inspired by a co-worker who has dark purple hair, which is quite subtle. Mine came out brighter than I wanted, but I’ve grown into it and quite like it. In fact, I often forget my hair looks like this now. What do you think?



Kitty lovin’

Celebrating the 4th with very patriotic purple.

Glowing purple.

First day at work like this!

I then spent a day exploring Lands End in all my hues. 🙂

And finally, I managed to match the tables at an MBA mixer BBQ. >.<

I prefer to air dry

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I’ve used a blow dryer once on my hair. I couldn’t figure out this whole brushing hair and blow drying routine. It just didn’t make sense to me and I ended up blowing a lot of hot air at nothing. Afterwards, my hair felt like straw, it looked like a mess, my ears were burning, and I decided this wasn’t for me. That and I just don’t find it very useful to spend time in the bathroom getting ready. So all my life, I’ve air dried my hair.

Sometimes I comb it a certain way, braid it or tie it up. Sometimes I shake it all around and sort of let it fall. At night, I sleep on it any which way. When I get up for the day and it looks dreadful, I comb some water through or tie my hair back. I like showering in the evenings but my hair tends to fall better if I shower in the morning. I try to drag myself up when I can (not often successfully). Alas, I’d rather air dry my hair than spend time brushing and blowing it out.

For rather different reasons, I’ve also started to air dry my hands after washing them. At work, I go to the restroom many times a day since I tend to go through many mugs of drinks. Each time, a twinge of guilt hit me when I wiped my hands on paper towels. I tried bringing in one of my People Towel hand towels, but I kept forgetting to bring it with me. So eventually, I started to walk back to my desk without wiping my hands. By the time I got there, they were pretty much dry and I’d apply some lotion and be done.

You know, despite my reason for air drying hair to be due to laziness and my reason for air drying my hands to be due to environmental consciousness, they sort of have the same result. I save a bit of time and effort while conserving resources. I’m perfectly fine with that! Now you may notice that I did not mention air drying coming out of the shower, but since I’m reusing towels I feel like it’s far less wasteful. Plus it’d take a much longer time to air dry than just soaking up the water with a towel.

What do you think? Am I odd for being like that or do you air dry as well? If you don’t, would you consider it?

Any haircut goes

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What kind of hair cuttee (aka hair salon customer) are you?

I’m probably the most easy-going you’ll find. Get foam in my ear? No problem. Leave water dripping down my face? That’s ok. Cut my hair more or less than I hoped? I’ll take it anyway. Color my hair a shade that’s not so great? Let’s just go with it. I mean, short of giving me a pixie cut I don’t think I could ever walk out of a hair salon unhappy with my new ‘do. Sure there are times I love it and times I just like it, but hair grows back and it’s not a big deal to me if it’s not quite how I envisioned (or even close). The nice thing about hair is that with so many strands, they kind of fall into place by themselves.

wet hair clipped forward ready to get cut at salon

I’d like three inches off, please.

I enjoy getting my hair cut at a salon. Any salon, really. I don’t care if my stylist is young or old, male or female, trendy or dated… I’ve had them all and I generally come out looking the same. I’ve had my hair cut and/or colored in China, America, and France too, all with similar results. I once got to try getting a haircut from students at a beauty school too. What I’ve found is that I always get my hair washed with hair products that smell fabulous, I always sit for at least an hour as they snip away at what seem like imaginary bits of hair, and I always come out with poufy hair. I love coming out with a lighter feeling on my head (and sometimes a brighter color too). I love the fragrant products that they use to shampoo, condition, spray, and style my hair with. I love sitting in that chair thinking absentmindedly, observing random details around me, and testing my willpower to not scratch that itch.

If they offer me a drink or magazine, great. If not, I entertain myself with my thoughts. It’s a chance for me to be still and let the world around me hustle and bustle away. Sometimes I watch as they snip off my hair and brush it this way and that way to get whatever angle. Sometimes I just zone out staring at a hair brush or clip. The one thing I never do is critique what they are doing. If they decide to part my hair differently from how I came in, I roll with it. If they are too afraid to cut as much as I’d like, I accept I’ll keep longer hair. If they have fun going at it and end up snipping away more length than intended, I just think of how I’ll grow into it. A hair stylist could seriously give me short short bangs, pink streaks, and a choppy cut and I’d still enjoy it.

That’s not the impression I get about most customers though. So I wonder, what type are you? Do you worry each time you book an appointment that you’ll come out looking too this or that? Do you always book the same person at the same place because you don’t want to change? Do you cringe as too many inches of hair starts falling to the floor? Or are you like me and take it however it comes? Do you go in with a general guideline of what you’d like and then let go? Do you watch as things don’t go as you imagined and decide that you’ll like it anyway? Do you book anyone anywhere as long as they have a decent price and time slot available?

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