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365great Day 359: hot pot

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365great day 359: hot potThere’s something fun about cooking food right at the table and eating it fresh like that. Hot pot offers a variety of broths, sauces, meats, and vegetables in whatever combinations you like. Sometimes you can cook in a giant pot as a table and sometimes you can cook in your own individual pot like this one. You can eat at your own pace and not worry about your food getting cold. It gives you control over the flavors, portions, and timing of your meal. I also like how it’s nice and toasty so I never get cold. It’s quite entertaining to go fishing for your food among all the things tumbling around and the whole experience is sort of an adventure. You can explore all sorts of cooking strategies and mix and match that with the seasonings to go on a culinary exploration. Eating hot pot is a great experience!

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