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Free cone day

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I’m getting a little antsy with no new box recently. I do have some on the way though! I ordered a Julep spring mystery box (I had skipped March, but it looks like I got sucked in to getting something anyway :-P) and I got a notification that my Beauty Box 5 is on its way. In the mean time…

Today was free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s locations across the nation! For lunch, a bunch of my coworkers and I went to claim a freebie and I donated $5 to the charity that was there – apparently each location has a local charity for the day. I got a scoop of Liz Lemon, which is a lemon frozen Greek yogurt with blueberry swirl. I think I’ve found a refreshing fav! I really enjoyed the slight tartness and lightness of this flavor.

ben and jerry's ice cream free cone day april 8th 2014 sign

hands holding ice cream cones from ben and jerry's

“Hurry up with the picture, I want to eat my cone!!”

Grocery shopping

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dozens of inko's tea bottles in small whole foods two-tiered shopping cartThis morning I had a massage scheduled at Massage Envy and when I was done, I decided to swing by Whole Foods to see if any of my drinks were on sale. There are a couple of brands of bottled drinks that I like to get there, but only when they’re on sale so I can combine that with the store’s case discount (buy one case, get 10% off). I was happy to find my favorite bottled tea brand, Inko’s, on sale. I immediately grabbed a dozen each of my go-to flavors: blueberry and white peach. Then, as I was checking the price, wondering what the original price was, I noticed the tags said clearance price. Now per my understanding, when something goes on clearance it’s not coming back. Sooo I tracked down someone who worked there to check and was heartbroken to learn that they are discontinuing this brand from their store.

variety of bottled teas on shelf at store, with large gap where inko's tea flavors are

I emptied quite a bit of the shelf.

Apparently they’d been trying to reorder it but couldn’t seem to get them from the company? Well, whatever the case, I was told that what was on the shelves was all they had and there’d be no more. Upon hearing this, I immediately went to get another dozen drinks, clearing them out of the rest of the blueberry and white peach and also getting some honeydew and original to try. The shelf was about half empty by the time I was done. As I pushed my cart out, the bottles jingled and jangled against each other and I was glad that I checked today.

two pints of ben & jerry's ice cream and two pints of giant brand ice creamThen after dinner tonight, I had a craving for ice cream. Panda mentioned a deal Giant is having where you can get a free pint of Giant’s own brand of ice cream when you buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. It’s their way of having you compare their brand to the brand name (and hopefully adopt their ice cream as your new fav). When we got there, we found that Ben & Jerry’s was on sale, so we decided to both choose our own flavors. We ended up getting 4 pints of ice cream for just $7.18 with tax! Now that’s a pretty sweet deal.

365great Day 345: green tea ice cream

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365great day 345: green tea ice creamIt probably was in college that I first tried green tea ice cream. I grew up used to flavors like chocolate chip, rocky road, and strawberry, so this was completely different for me. The most unique flavor I had before that was black sesame, which is pretty popular in China. You’d think green tea would be common in China too, but I guess because it is made from matcha tea (which is more of a Japanese style tea), it wasn’t really offered. It’s strange thinking of tea mixing with a dessert, but since matcha already has a sort of creamy taste to it, it actually works quite well. I enjoy the taste a lot when I’m looking for an ice cream flavor that isn’t overloaded in sweetness. I like eating the ice cream straight or having ice cream mochi. Both ways make for a great eating experience!

365great Day 338: Coldstone Creamery

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365great day 338: coldstone creameryFor Valentine’s Day yesterday, Panda and I stopped by Coldstone to get a half dozen ice cream cupcakes. We recently saw an ad they had for their fudge and red velvet ones, which looked fabulous and perfect for the holiday. I’ve often enjoyed ice cream from them, but I’d never tried an ice cream cake or cupcake from them before and I was so excited! I’m thrilled to report that these ice cream cupcakes are amazing and a wonderful way to spice up the way you consume ice cream. The chocolate crust perfectly houses the ice cream and cake pieces. You get a bit of crunchiness, a bit of softness, and a whole lot of sweetness. Ice cream is already a great dessert, but this cupcake form… oh my. Yum!

365great Day 132: ice cream

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Learn more about 365great here.

365great challenge day 132: ice creamWhoever invented ice cream should be immortalized. What a satisfying treat, whether in a cone, as a scoop, or made into other crazy shapes! You can get it soft serve or “normal” (is there a term for not soft serve?), in varying degrees of firmness, creaminess, and/or added-flavorness (yeah, yeah I’m making up words now). Sometimes there are delicious morsels mixed in for you to chew on and sometimes it’s just a smooth finish. It’s one of those sweet pleasures in life that just about everyone enjoys as long as you’re not lactose-intolerant. Even then, there are other options out there now, though I don’t know if any are quite as good as the original thing. What other desert makes you scream for it? 😛 As a kid, one of the coolest things was running up to an ice cream truck. Now that was great.

Snow cream

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It was about a year ago when I was first introduced to Blockheads, this mysteriously new dessert place that was all the craze. Maven took me there upon discovering that I, his foodie friend, hadn’t tried it yet!! This whole “snow cream” idea was something new to me – I knew ice cream and I knew shave ice, but shaved ice cream?? I had to see what the fuss was all about. The moment I tried it, I was blown away. From then on it was a long-distance addiction for me. I live too far to justify going there whenever I want, but when I get a chance, I always stop by.

black sesame snow cream with toffee crunch and condensed milk drizzle from blockheads shavery

My very first Blockheads order! What a cute mascot they have.

green tea snow cream with boba and condensed milk drizzle from blockheads shavery

I love how you can see the delicate, intricate texture of the shaved ice cream that makes up “snow cream.”

strawberry and green tea snow cream with boba, rice cakes, and condensed milk drizzle from blockheads shavery

Digging in to my half-strawberry, half-green tea snow cream topped with boba and rice cakes.

cantaloupe snow cream with boba, rice cakes, and condensed milk drizzle from blockheads shavery

I just had to try the seasonal cantaloupe flavor! It was great.

strawberry and green tea snow cream with red beans, chocolate sauce, and chocolate sprinkles from blockheads shavery

My cousin gets bold flavors!

strawberry and original snow cream with strawberries and mango puree from blockheads shavery

My friends opt for a very fruity combo.

Sprinkles Ice Cream

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I’ve always appreciated Sprinkles for starting the whole cupcakery craze, so I was definitely interested when they opened their ice cream shop. So far I’ve been twice and tried their ice cream sandwich (using cupcake instead of cookies) and ice cream sundae. I love the triple chocolate ice cream and the sundae I chose. The red velvet cupcake used in the sandwich was a bit more dry than I would have liked. Still, fun times trying out their different designs. I’ve always wanted to have ice cream and cake bits in one!

sprinkles ice cream sandwich made of triple chocolate ice cream and red velvet cupcake

On my first visit, I tried a Sprinkles Ice Cream Sandwich with triple chocolate ice cream and red velvet cupcake as the sandwich.

sprinkles ice cream sundae made of cookie dough ice cream and s'mores cupcake

On my second visit, I tried a Sprinkles Ice Cream Sundae with cookie dough ice cream and a s’mores cupcake.

a look inside the layers of a sprinkles ice cream sundae made of ice cream and a cupcake

Inside, you can see the ice cream sandwiched between the cupcake.

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