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Powerbank backup battery & USB noodle chargers review

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I’ve been using these two sets of products for the past two weeks or so and I can finally go out for the day without a single worry about how long my phone might last and when (not even if) it will die on me. You see, whenever I went out and needed to use navigation, the camera, and some other apps, my iPhone battery would quickly drain. At best I’d get about 4 hours of use out of it. Certainly not enough for a full day out, where I’m trying to get places and take pictures/videos and maybe play some games too.

iphone charging accessories including purple car charger, wall plug, flat noodle cable, and powerbank backup batteryWhen Panda showed me a deal on this site called nomorerack*, I was intrigued. The site looked legit enough and the prices were excellent. I figured for about $30 it was worth the risk to order them to try out. I decided on the Powerbank 5600mAh Cell Phone Battery Backup Emergency Power Source to recharge my battery on the go and the 3-pack 8-pin to USB noodle cable set for iPhone 5 to connect to a car or building’s power source. This way I could charge up in the car while driving, but I could also have an external battery source when I couldn’t just plug in somewhere. It has freed up my phone usage so much and I can now wear out my phone however I please! I never have to worry whether my phone can last the day anymore.

Powerbank 5600mAh Cell Phone Battery Backup Emergency Power Source

The external battery was something I had been considering, so when Panda saw a deal for it, he sent me the link and I began to explore what nomorerack had to offer. At first I was looking at the 2600mAh models, which are about the size of a tube of lipstick. Upon doing some research, I found that 2600mAh is about enough to charge up my phone once over, but when you factor in some of the energy lost in conversion, I feared I’d only get a 75% charge out of it. Better than nothing, but not good enough. So, I opted for the 5600mAh one that could charge my phone twice over, or maybe a little bit less than that. At the least I was sure I could get one full charge out of it. The size is still very compact and really doesn’t make much difference to me compared to a lipstick-sized one.

So far I’ve been able to consistently get 1.5 charges from it, but I’m hoping that a few more uses will help maximize the performance to just about two charges. Even if it doesn’t improve, I am very happy with having that extra charge because it actually extends the time my phone can be used beyond just twice as long. So let’s say I’m out all day and my phone dies after 3 hours of use. Usually, that would have been it for me, unless I could tether myself to a wall outlet for an hour. Well now I can use my Powerbank to charge back up over the course of an hour and a half or so, during which I can be using my phone. Then it can last me another 3-4 hours, totaling 7.5-8.5 hours! At that point, if I’m still out, I can charge it for another 30-45 minutes and use it for maybe one more hour after that. That’s a good 9-10 hours compared to the 3-4 I was getting before. Awesome!

3-pack 8-pin to USB noodle cable set for iPhone 5

Then there’s the 3-piece set of charging accessories I have. I had gotten a very cheap car charger before, only to find that it got rejected by my iPhone. I was afraid that might happen with this one as well, but so far so good. That means that whenever I’m in a car I definitely have a power source to charge up my phone. Also, I absolutely love the flat noodle cable. My original cable was getting kind of beat up and this different design looked like it might be more effective against the bending pressures put upon it when plugged in. I love how it rolls up a lot easier than the round cables and is less likely to tangle. What a great design! And finally, I have an extra USB plug charger head to use for charging my phone and the Powerbank. To top it all off, I got this set in my favorite color!

As you can tell, I am very pleased with both these purchases. If you struggle with the battery power your portable devices, I’d definitely recommend getting either or both of these sets of accessories. It frees you up to spend the entire day out and about as you please! On a similar note, nomorerack offers a ton of awesome products and I would definitely recommend buying from them if you’re in the market! Excellent quality and performance on the products at highly discounted prices. In fact, nomorerack will be making an appearance later as the 365great of the day. ūüôā


*referral link – if you’re interested in signing up, send me your email and you can get a $10 credit to use (I believe the order minimum is $30)

iPhone 5

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Ah yes, the iPhone 5. ¬†I’ve had it for a month and a half now and I’ve loved every second of it. ¬†Not only does it fit better in my hand, it offers me just about everything I’m looking for in a phone/gadget/toy.

white & silver iphone 5 in shipping packaging

It comes in a nondescript box so as to not attract attention.

box of white & silver iphone 5 open to reveal phone inside

It’s so shiny and wonderful! If only I could keep it that way.

inside of iphone 5 box with accessories showing: earpods, charging cable, and charging plug

Underneath the phone you’ll find the key accessories – the new EarPods and charging plug with cable.


back of white & silver iphone 5 in box

I like the new two-toned design that’s part iPhone 4, part iPad.

apple's new earpod earphones in special carrying case

The newly designed EarPods do fit my ears better than the previous earbuds, but I wouldn’t mind a more cushy design.

white & silver iphone 5 in purple and pink clutch wallet

Happily, it still fits into a clutch wallet designed for iPhone 4 and older models.


iPhone online ordering process

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screenshot of apple store iphone 5 preorder page


Holding out on upgrading your phone to see if any issues crop up? ¬†Or maybe you’re just waiting for your previous 2-year contract to expire before you upgrade. ¬†Well, if you decide you want to get the iPhone 5 and would like to make sure you’ve prepared everything needed to get through the online ordering process without a hitch, here is a step-by-step of what to expect*:

1. ¬†In ¬†the Apple Store’s iPhone section, choose your color (black or white), storage capacity (16, 32, or 64 GB), and carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or get an unlocked phone for a higher price point).
2. ¬†If you chose one of the three carriers with contract requirements, you’ll then need to indicate if you are creating a new account with the carrier or already have one. ¬†If you have one, you can either replace a current phone on your account or add a line. ¬†(Sprint options vary slightly.)
3a. ¬†If you create a new account: you’ll go through and pick out the details, including minutes, data, and text messaging options. ¬†Then you can choose to get a new number or transfer your current one.
¬†If you get a new number, you’ll enter your billing info, birthday, and SSN. ¬†The carrier will do a credit check on you, you will have to pay an activation fee, and you’ll be signing up for a 2-year contract. ¬†Here Sprint also asks for you to create a PIN.
 If you transfer your current number, they will ask for your current phone number, account number, and password for the carrier (if applicable).
3b. ¬†If you have an existing account (either replacing a current number or adding a new one): you will then be prompted to enter your wireless number, billing zip code, last 4 digits of SSN, and billing password, if you have one. ¬†At that point, see 3a if you’re adding a line, otherwise Apple will check your eligibility for an upgrade, which will determine how much the iPhone will cost you. ¬†You’ll then want to confirm the monthly plan you want, either keeping what you have already or changing it.

Note:  With Verizon, upgrading to the iPhone 5 means changing to LTE service, which voids any grandfathered plan you may be on (i.e. an unlimited one).  Therefore, you will automatically have to choose a different plan if you currently have unlimited data with them.  With AT&T, you get to keep your grandfathered plan, but you will not be allowed to use the FaceTime on cell service feature.  If you want to FaceTime while on the go, you will have to get a shared data plan, which means you forfeit your grandfathered plans.

4. ¬†Then you will be directed to sign in with your Apple ID. ¬†If you’re a new customer, you’ll need to create one.
5.  You will now be able to review your order, including the phone model and phone plan that you chose.  Confirm the shipping address and shipping method are the ones you want.  During pre-orders, you will not be allowed to edit the shipping address at this stage, but you can do so once the order is placed.  The shipping method for pre-orders defaults to standard free shipping and cannot be changed.
6.  If you want to edit your cart, you can do so here.  Otherwise, go ahead to checkout to complete your order!

*Note that some instructions may not be complete since I didn’t have the appropriate information to go forward. ¬†I will update if I do get access.

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