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Las Vegas good clean fun

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Question: What do a pair of teetotalers who don’t gamble and aren’t into partying do in Las Vegas?

Answer: EAT (a lot), walk around (maybe even shop), and indulge in entertainment like a show or tour.


For what I’m deeming our “pre-honeymoon” trip, Panda and I went to Vegas for a few days. Sunday morning he got the rental car and came to pick me up. Off we went on our grand adventure! He drove until Baker, the place with the giant thermometer. We got some lunch and then I took over driving for the rest of the way. After checking in at our hotel, we went down the strip hunting for a deal on a helicopter ride. It was way more expensive than we’d imagined, but I really wanted to commemorate this trip with something special. We ultimately got the ideal package at a better than your average price. The rest of the night was spent walking around shopping and then trying to find a Johnny Rockets that was open past 8.

water reflection along road in desert

Water reflection along our drive.

interior of trump las vegas hotel room

The hotel room!

Yesterday we spent the morning in a time share presentation and then headed straight to the Maverick Helicopter center for our ride. We got to see the Grand Canyon and Vegas strip from our helicopter – fantastic! From there, we got some gifts for my dad and brother-in-law before making our way to dinner at Wicked Spoon. Somehow two hours just flew by in there, as we munched away on dish after dish. I think we finally made it out at the 2.5 hour mark.

sitting in back of limo

Our limo to and from the time share presentation.

pilot explaining safety for maverick helicopter

Just before boarding the helicopter!

standing by wicked spoon sign

So ready for a fabulous dinner.

This morning, we got a chance to go enjoy the pool and our bathtub jacuzzi before we packed up and headed out. It was a fun trip, without involving alcohol, casinos, or clubs. That’s how we roll. More on the Trump stay, helicopter ride, and Wicked Spoon experience another time. For now, I’m pooped after a busy day on the road.

swimming pool at trump las vegas

Making time for a dip.

alien fresh jerky pouches

Pit stop along the way. Check out the invisible jerky! Lol.


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Tonight I watched the Cirque du Soleil show based on the Beatles and I realized that with no context, I probably shouldn’t have seen it. I know maybe two Beatles songs and absolutely no history surrounding them, except that they were widely popular a long time ago.

So there I was, trying to absorb everything when none of it made any sense. Instead I found myself focusing on the raw talent and technique of the performance, which had its moments but overall seemed like a lot of dancing. When I go to a Cirque performance, I expect shows of strength, flexibility, and precision beyond spinning around on the ground.

Spinning in the air is definitely good! That’s probably why I liked the Lucy song routine, where a girl was flying around and a guy was maneuvering a weighted wheel with a ladder attached. Another great scene was the roller skating on ramps – total show of skill!

So for those who are Beatles fans, I think it’s a great show to watch. For those without that background knowledge, it’d be advisable to either skip the show or really learn about Beatles songs beforehand. It’ll make the experience so much better!

Friendly ray

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manta ray at caesar's palace in las vegas

He was quite the social fellow!

close up of bottom of manta ray at caesar's palace in las vegas

He got right up against the glass to say hello!

For sale?

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real california license plate hidden among the fake las vegas ones

Fake, REAL, fake... wait, what? I thought these stores only sold novelty plates.

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