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Prospurly September 2016 review

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So much for getting caught up, eh? I can’t even believe it’s been this long and I have all these boxes to review. Let’s get to it then!

Prospurly is just under $45 per box (with code for 10% off your subscription – use my referral links from this post) and comes with artisan foods, bath & body items, home products, and other sustainably crafted items. Boxes are sent monthly with no option to skip. They offer a referral program that earns you free boxes.

prospurly september 2016 box open with products showing prospurly september 2016 info card with product details

Prospurly recipe cards – These are simple little cards with room for ingredients on the front and directions on the back. I never had the habit of making recipe cards, but I might take some of my all-time favorite family dishes and write them down (though Chinese people don’t exactly use measurements when cooking — at least not my mom!).

Triple XXX newspaper and Vanilla Sugar – Lol, the newspaper is so weird that I don’t get it. It’s talking all about beavers and their oppression. While I know it’s being cheeky, I don’t see the connection with vanilla… anyway, I’ve never seen vanilla sugar before but I think it’s quite cool. What a great way to add extra flavor and sweetener without going crazy on the sugar. I think a little bit of this will add a good amount of fragrance. I don’t quite know what to use it for since I rarely use sugar. I guess next time I bake!

Native Nectar Stress Relief Therapeutic Oil – This is definitely a soothing scent. I think the ylang ylang combined with lemon really gives it a unique earthy yet slightly tart aroma. I like applying it to my wrists and inhaling.

LB Love Organics LipLove Orange Cream lip balm – I like having these types of light lip balms around for when I want to prevent chapped lips but not add any color. This one has been in my bag for school so I can apply it throughout the day. It’s very mild and hardly smells.

LB Love Organics vanilla mint lip scrub – This smells just like a peppermint patty! Delicious. It’s gently cooling on the lips and a great little ritual to treat my lips. Afterwards, I don’t even need lip balm since the oils from this can act in lieu of one.

Body Brewed Whipped Shea Butter in Sweet Orange + Clary Sage – What a nice thick whipped butter with a special scent. It’s also light on the fragrance so it’s not overpowering. This little tub is perfect for bringing on a trip when I need to be able to lotion my body and don’t want to bring a large bottle of lotion.

Native Nectar Sleepy Time Salt Soak – I’ve only bathed once since starting school and I don’t really have the opportunity to, but I hope to more when I go back to VA for the holidays. I have a growing pile of bath products to use, so I might not get to this one for a little while but it looks super cool!

I’m happy with everything that came in this box and I look forward to trying each of the items. What do you think of this month’s box?

[This post contains affiliate links. Signing up through them helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this box and wanted to share what I got!]

Petit Vour January 2016 review

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Ah, freshness. These products are simple and clean – great way to start a new.

Petit Vour is $15 per box (or as much as $30 for international subscribers) and comes with vegan beauty, skincare, and other personal care products. Boxes are sent monthly with no option to skip. They offer a referral program that earns you points towards free boxes (email to say I referred you if you sign up!).

contents of petit vour january 2016 box with hello 2016 theme and info card petit vour january 2016 box info card with item details

S.W. Basics cream – This is a super soft cream that melts like butter upon contact with skin. It smoothes on very easily and softens the skin. Now it does smell a little odd to me, so I’ll probably use this on my legs more than I would on my hands or face.

French Girl Rose Lip Polish – Mmm, this smells really nice. Just a tiny bit is enough to completely refresh my lips and it feels so good! Lip scrubs are a ton of fun and I enjoy using this one a lot.

Evelyn Iona – Now I’m not much of an eyeliner person. I haven’t tried gel liner before and I nearly didn’t see the little pot of it! I thought it was just the brush as a tool at first, haha. This is a really cool set and it might just be enough for me to try it out. Or I might give it to a friend.

kaia bamboo tapioca beads – I got a sample of this previously and I’ve tried it before. It’s a handy way to bring a facial cleanser/mask on a trip without taking up much space at all. It has a nice sweet smell and the granules in it are a good way to exfoliate.

I like the skincare focus of this box and I’m curious about the eyeliner so we’ll see how that experiment goes! What do you think of these products?

[This post mentions a referral program. Signing up and emailing to say I referred you helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this box and wanted to share what I got!]

Yuzen Autumn 2015 edition review

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I can’t believe I’ve been sitting on this box for a good month now. I’ve recorded the unboxing for the Yuzen site and Yuzen’s YouTube channel and even gave one away to a friend! Finally, here’s a look at what comes in the box.

Yuzen is $33 per quarter (with boxes sent Feb, May, Aug, and Nov) and comes with around 7 or 8 eco-friendly beauty, skincare, food/snacks, and home products. Boxes are sent quarterly with no option to skip, but you can get one-time gift boxes too. Sometimes there’s a waitlist to get the subscription. They do not offer a referral program.

yuzen august-october 2015 autumn box open with fuchsia tissue paper and piece of yuzen paper yuzen august-october 2015 autumn box info card front side with welcome message yuzen august-october 2015 autumn box info card inside listing brands in box yuzen august-october 2015 autumn box info card back side listing brands in box yuzen august-october 2015 autumn box contents laid out

Africa OrganicsMarula Shampoo or Marula Conditioner: These are giant bottles and you would get either the shampoo or conditioner. The timing is perfect because I’m running low on hair products so I’ll use these next. Marula comes from a cool African tree and the oil is supposed to be good for protecting skin and hair. I found the formulas to be more runny than I’m used to so I definitely used more.

Glee GumRefresh-Mint gum: In another stroke of luck, I needed gum and got it! These are hard pieces with a nice crunchy shell. The ones we got are sugar free and a refreshing mint. They are good for a quick breath of freshness. The flavor doesn’t last long though, so don’t think of it as chewing gum. Use code YU15GG by 10/31/15 for 10% off at Glee Gum.

Nubian HeritageIndian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver body wash: Ooo, this feels luxurious and so silky. I love how it foams and my skin feels super soft afterwards. Neem oil is another one of those exotic African things that seems to be good for skin. The hemp and vetiver are pretty cool too. This wash smells nice, which might be due to this mysterious vetiver. Use code NHYUZEN for 15% off at Nubian Heritage.

red flower lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser and masque: The soothing smoothness of this makes me think of a lotion, so it feels strange to wash with it. There’s a hint of sweetness that makes this pleasant to use. I haven’t tried it as a mask yet, but I can feel how healing it would be. Use code YUZEN20 by 10/31/15 for 20% off at red flower.

red flower – arctic berry cloud milk cream: While I don’t really like the scent of this one, it looks awesome and is great as a body lotion. It feels a little watery when applying, but then absorbs leaving a little bit of stickiness. It’s not sticky, but I can feel it on my hands for a bit. I like it on my legs, which need extra hydration. Use code YUZEN20 by 10/31/15 for 20% off at red flower.

Cowgirl Skincareextreme antioxidant serum: I thought this looked familiar and no wonder – I got the extreme c serum last year! They are basically in the same packaging, but are totally different. This serum has a more milky look compared to the oily one of the extreme c serum. It has a really nice lemony scent and absorbs well into the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. Use code YUZEN15 by 10/31/15 for 15% off at TheSkinFactor.

EcoLips – organic lip scrub in brown sugar, vanilla bean, or mint: What an adorable product. Absolutely love it and I was lucky enough to get all three to try, but I shared two with coworkers and kept the vanilla one for myself. You need just a little to exfoliate and moisturize lips. It’s a lot of fun, smells great, and you get to lick off the rest for a sweet treat! We are all big fans of this and really enjoy using it not just because it’s cool, but because our lips feel so soft afterwards. Use code YUZEN by 9/30/15 for 20% off at EcoLips.

I’ve got a full skincare regimen in this box! I enjoyed trying them out and found a few new favorites. What do you think of these items?

*Disclosure: As a super fan, I was invited to be the Yuzen Ambassador to help them spread the word about their brand. I now receive the boxes for free. I was not compensated otherwise and all opinions are my own, irregardless of my relation to Yuzen. I just happen to think they’re awesome (as does everyone else I’ve heard from). 🙂

Julep March 2014: The Riviera Collection review

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This time when the selection period began, I was ready. A quick look at the profiles revealed that I much preferred the beauty products over the nail polishes, so I opted for the Modern Beauty option that includes two beauty items, with no polish. I then browsed the add-on options and decided to get a polish in Princess Grace. I was fascinated by the lip products that came with this month’s box, so I just couldn’t pass them up.

Julep is just under $20 per box and comes with 2 nail polish colors and a beauty product, 3 nail polish colors, or 2 beauty products (depending on your style profile choice). They offer plenty of upgrade and add-on options too. Boxes are sent monthly unless you choose to skip (skips are earned every six months for subscribers Dec 18th, 2013 and later). You also have the option of gifting your box to a friend. They offer a referral program that earns you points towards free boxes.

julep maven modern beauty march 2014 riviera collection box contents

March’s Modern Beauty Riviera Collection box

julep luxury lipcare buff lip scrub and luxe lip conditioning treatment information card

The info card with details on the lip scrub and conditioning treatment.

julep lip products offer card, referral card, and candy stick info card

Back of the info card with a discount offer on lip products.

julep luxe lip conditioning treatment

The Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment is hydrating and smells kind of coconuty. The metal tip is cooling and soothing.

julep buff lip scrub pen

The Buff Lip Scrub Pen is a lightly sweet smelling scrub with tiny crystals. I actually liked keeping in on after use to keep lips soft and moist.

julep polish in princess grace

I chose this as an add-on because it looked more vibrant orange than the corals I have, which are slightly more peachy/pink.

I do like the products, but I’m not sure about the price. I mean, $20 for two lip products? That’s pretty steep and actual prices if you buy them separately are even higher. In a way, I guess it’s good I got them in my Maven box, since that’s one of the better deals, but I probably wouldn’t repurchase unless they were heavily discounted. I do like both products and will use them.

Join as a Julep Maven to get polishes and/or beauty products sent to you monthly! Use code FREEBOX or FREEMAVEN to get the first box free (you pay shipping).

[This post contains affiliate links. Signing up through them helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this box and wanted to share what I got!]

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