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Bunnies on the lawn

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A night walk around UC Irvine presented us with some cute bunny rabbits.

irvine bunnies from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Symbols in the sky

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circle with line drawn through made by plane in sky

We kept seeing these all Memorial Day weekend - there was a second line drawn later crossing the first one.


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Panda and I went to Fiesta Hermosa today and boy was it windy and chilly at the beach! Waves were crashing in more violently than normal, sand was getting blown around, my hair and dress got whipped about, and so did a kite some people were flying.

windy beach day from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

blown around from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

kite in wind from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Welcome to UCLA

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Every year, the Orientation Staff at UCLA paints the letters to form this welcome sign that hangs over the building that Orientation students see when they arrive. Come summer, a new sign will be up at Rieber Terrace to greet the incoming students of 2011.

welcome to ucla sign made by orientation counselors for incoming students summer 2010

The lovely handiwork of the Orientation Counselors at UCLA, 2010.

the letter m sign with a music theme

Panda helped make the M - they chose a music theme.

Mini cultural adventure

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Wow, I was in such a food coma last night that I totally collapsed on my bed and fell asleep soon after getting back from dinner.  Next thing I knew, I woke up sometime around 5 in the morning with the light still on!

I guess the Ethiopian food we had earlier in the night weighed pretty heavily on me.  Then again, it was a lot!  If you’ve never tried Ethiopian before (at least the Americanized version that is available in the states – who knows what real Ethiopian is out there), you should really give it a shot.  One of my friends who went last night – I’ll call her Duchess – had eaten it once before (like me) and we both enjoyed our experiences.  So there we were, many moons later, taking some others out for their first experience.

The place we went to was decided by a Tippr coupon that I bought a couple days ago, for a place called Little Ethiopia located in Little Ethiopia (hah!).  That’s a small strip out on Fairfax not too far from downtown LA.  It was a nice little place, though they had an entire room on the side that lay empty.  I guess when business was better they’d use both sides.  We ordered a veggie platter, tibs, and Little Ethiopian tibs.  The veggie platter had a variety of vegetables cooked in different sauces.  The tibs was chunks of beef and the Little Ethiopian tibs was those chunks of beef with potatoes and some other veggies mixed in.  Everything came out on a fantastically large tray lined with their special bread.

tray of ethiopian food with veggies and tibs

In the center is the Little Ethiopian tibs, the meat on either side is the tibs, and all those colorful splotches are part of the veggie platter!

basket of ethiopian bread

The bread - spongy and slightly sour and very soft and supple!

Oh that bread!  When Duchess and I were trying to describe it on the drive over, the closest thing we could come up with was a sourdough pancake.  It’s a dense, spongy thing with a hint of sour and there’s something wonderful about it.  You use the bread to grab some of the veggies or meat and then eat it in a little morsel (at least we think that’s the right way to do it).  Oh yeah, the thing about Ethiopian food is that it’s eaten with your hands, much like Indian food is supposed to be.  And so we ate, getting basket after basket of bread until we were stuffed.  The waitress then came and offered us some second helpings for free, since they had a lot of excess in the kitchen.  We couldn’t resist and spent another half hour trying to finish it all.  By the time we left, I was so full I could hardly stand.

But our adventure wasn’t over!  We decided to go for dessert and ended up choosing Persian ice cream.  The first time I went, I got the orange blossom.  This time I was too full to get a serving myself, but I shared a white rose with Apprentice.  Yes, their ice cream flavors are very flower-oriented.  I feel like I’m eating a garden and it is the strangest sensation.  It turned out to be a nice complement to the food we had earlier and both were awesome cultural experiences for the newbies.  When I finally got home, it’s no wonder I lay on the bed to recover and ended up sleeping for the night.  Next time I want to deep sleep, I’ll make sure to get Ethiopian again.  🙂

A walk through LAX

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Security scan time!


I guess everyone has to do these now (leaving LAX at least).


What fun earbuds!


Of course everything is branded.


Whoa, a nice little outdoor area! And it’s NOT for smoking.


Mmm, See’s! It’s small but it has all you need. At a steep price, mind you!


Why Do We Love Trees?

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Here are some shots from an event I went to tonight titled “Why Do We Love Trees?” Why do we? Maybe because they are so instrumental to many of the things in our lives (food, shelter, entertainment). I’ll try to delve into this topic another day. For now, enjoy a visual tour of the night.

entrance to harold m williams auditorium at getty center

The Harold M. Williams Auditorium at the Getty, where the event was held.

view of getty from in front of harold m williams auditorium

The view of the Getty from our part of the venue. I've never been this way before!

sign for "why do we love trees?" event at getty

The event hosted by the Getty.

inside the harold m williams auditorium

Inside the auditorium we got a preview of the artwork by one of the panelists.

panelists for "why do we love trees?" event at getty

The panelists take the floor.

On the left, our moderator Mr. Sipchen from the Sierra Club (formerly with the LA Times as a journalist).  Then Ms. Nadkarni, a scientist, Ms. Steinkamp, an artist, and Mr. Masumoto, a farmer.  Each provided a unique and interesting perspective!  I was struck by just how much their personal backgrounds influenced the way they talked, what they talked about, and how they expressed themselves.  Almost as fascinating as the discussion itself.

wall of the auditorium, which is a sort of mesh design

Lots of holes in the wall! I wonder if that helps with the acoustics?

stairs leading down from the harold m williams auditorium

Afterwards, I got a soda and left pretty quickly because it was cold and I was tired. Down the steps I go!

lights illuminate some water and plants decorating the getty

There's something about glowing lights illuminating the water and plants that is peaceful and cool.

ramp at getty center lit but not for pedestrian traffic

Hmm, it looks like it should be used as a path, but the sign clearly indicates otherwise.


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Wow, it’s been so long since we’ve had nice warm days in LA!  The past couple of days have been a real treat, since we pretty much skipped right over the summer thing last year and went straight from a brisk winter to a cool fall.  I think I only remember two days being moderately warm in all of 2010.  I feel like I’m finally coming out of hibernation after a year and a half of chilly weather and boy does it feel good!  It makes me want to actually go outside and do things on my time off rather than hole up in my room on the computer like I’ve been doing.

I’m really excited to start inviting people over for pool parties and maybe even barbecues, if I can figure out how to work the grills we have poolside.  I think I might also consider wandering around the Century City mall every now and then, enjoying the warm evenings as I browse storefronts and munch on Pinkberry’s.  What a relaxing way to spend a Friday night after a full week’s work.  I’m really looking forward to the increase in activity that the higher temperatures will bring.  Also, I haven’t craved frozen yogurt in the longest time, probably because it hasn’t been hot enough to make me want something to cool down with.  I’ll be adding that back into my diet now, for sure!  Nothing like a good old yogurt parfait from Pinkberry’s to satisfy my froyo cravings.

This past week was also the first time I’ve gone to yoga class while it was still light out.  That was pretty amazing for me too – I’m so used to associating class with the darkness of the night, but now it still feels like daytime when I head over.  I love having long days of sunlight.  Thinking of long days, I’m almost nostalgic for the warm summer days of the East Coast and Midwest, where we’d sit on the porch and watch fireflies as we ate watermelon or drank lemonade.  Too bad there are no fireflies here and as of yet no juicy watermelon in the fridge.  I can’t wait to see Panda in Virginia this the summer and recreate some of those great memories of my childhood.  I’d rather have days of thunderstorms and flash floods if it meant I could also have beautifully warm nights.  It’s certainly better than the tepid summer we experienced last year.

Incapacitated or incompetent?

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I couldn’t tell – did this guy just not care about how poorly he drove or was he too high too notice? And what did the other person/people in the car think?! Just gotta love LA drivers. -___-

This went on along the 405 South from the Getty to the 10! Unbelievable.

bad driver from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Valencia emergency response

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Boy, in Valencia when there’s an accident the whole road always gets shut down even though we have wider streets. In other places in LA you’d just squeeze by and not have to navigate blocks around. Tells you how much the police have to do around here.

accident on mcbean from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

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