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365great Day 79: mangosteens

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365great challenge day 79: mangosteenA lot of you have probably never gotten the pleasure of trying mangosteen before. Let me tell you, you need to get yourself to Southeast Asia to track some down! They are a fascinating fruit, with a crazy red shell that dyes your fingers like pomegranate but then a white interior with slices like a citrus fruit. Their skin is very thick and protective and you’d never guess the inside would be such a contrast to the outside. The consistency of the flesh inside looks kind of like a banana, but when you bite in it’s like… well, nothing I can think of. Their seeds are almost the size of almonds and the taste is a lovely sweet juicy thing. Until you eat it yourself, you just can’t understand. I am not only intrigued by the uniqueness of this fruit, but I love the taste as well. If only they were more available around the world! If I could eat them whenever I want, that would be so great.

Fine red fruits

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I’ve mentioned before that I really like yumberries, which are a blast from my childhood. It seems that many other delectable fruits that I encountered on my visit to China come in shades of red too; check them out in their perfectly beautiful glory!

rack of strawberries neatly lined up and watermelon halves on the side

Strawberries so neatly lined up! Don’t forget the watermelon too.

bowl of bright red cherries

When I first saw these, I thought they were fake plastic ones!

collage of top and bottom view of mangosteen

Mangosteens grow such perfect petals that they seem fake too.

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