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The art of the (bird) chase

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There are some key strategies: chirp flirtatiously (birds, you know what I’m talking about), run & pause, then stay your distance.  Eventually you’ll get the girl!

robin chase from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Hibiscus variation

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Such a gorgeous flower that comes in so many colors!

Jack the rabbit

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What a cute little white tail!

white-tailed bunny from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Hollywood sunset

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view of sunset from griffith observatory with hollywood sign just visible on the right

From Griffith Observatory, you get a great view of sunset. On the right you can just make out the Hollywood sign.

Little fish, big ocean

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If you look closely, you can see a bunch of teeny little fish swimming around! They look like minnows that belong in a creek.

tiny ocean fish from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

A bright night sky

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If you live in a city, you’re probably used to not experiencing full darkness after nightfall.  Lights from stores, streetlamps, and nearby apartments are constantly glowing all through the dark hours.  You may even think that it’s normal to barely be able to make out any stars.  It’s certainly the case in Los Angeles, where I first truly noticed this phenomenon.

I remember my first year at UCLA, when I would be walking around campus at night marveling at the sky glowing a strange milky white or orange.  I thought back to the places I had lived on the east coast and Midwest and all I could remember was darkness lit by stars, the moon, and some fireflies.  But here in the middle of Los Angeles, I saw none of that.  The marine would roll in some days and completely obscure the sky.  Other days, the sky would look like it was stuck in a perpetual state of dusk.

For awhile I wondered if I just didn’t remember how the sky looked at night in those other places.  Or maybe LA was just weird and didn’t get a “proper” night sky.  Then I went back to Beijing for the first time in years and found the same thing.  So many lights around you that you never really see past them, into the dark expanse of the universe.  One of my aunts was actually amazed when she came to visit us and you could actually see the stars at night.  Do city people live out their lives hardly ever seeing a truly dark night sky?

The world has changed so much as humans took over.  I can imagine the immense darkness that used to blanket the earth at night.  You can still find that in remote areas, but so much of mankind has gotten used to artificial lighting almost all day long.  That kind of darkness can be lonely, scary even.  I got a reminder of that tonight as I was working on my computer – before I knew it, the sun had set and I was cocooned in a dark house with just the eerie glow of my computer.  When I looked up, I felt small and isolated.  Without the light from my laptop, I would be engulfed by the night, and that felt so odd!

While I really appreciate artificial lighting, sometimes I wish it was easier to look up at the sky and see a vast landscape of stars.  Maybe if we were more used to darkness, it wouldn’t be so scary.

Exotic fruit

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view of top of mangosteen fruit

The leaves are so round and cute!

view of bottom of mangosteen fruit

It's so perfect it almost looks fake.

Dragonfly encounter

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Of all the places to land, this dragonfly chose Panda’s leg, so we gave it a photo shoot. It was a great model, keeping still for me!

dragonfly posing on a hand

Cotton candy clouds

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Sometimes I come outside at just he right time of dusk and witness this brilliant display of color. It happened to me today when I left work and in this picture, when I was coming out of Target this weekend. If you don’t get the shot right away, it’ll be gone in 20 seconds!


Loofah squash

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very large squash on the vine for so long it started to rot

I wanted to see just how large this squash could get, but then it went past its prime. Good thing this kind is good for loofahs when dried out!

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