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Chinese stroller

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Who needs a stroller when you’ve got a suitcase and a kid who can balance a bit? Haha, I love the random things you’ll see Chinese people doing. Creative or practical?

suitcase stroller from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Interesting security questions

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I was setting up an online account for Best Buy when they asked me to set up my security questions. While most were pretty standard, a few stood out as particularly fun/unique/weird (shown in bold below). Also, in reviewing them, I realized almost everything was something I’d totally blog about at some point another. I really need to be careful to censor myself more. 😛 Here’s a sampling of what they had (where do they come up with this stuff?):

What was the name of your first roommate during college?
What was your favorite place from your childhood?
What is the first name of your youngest child?
Who was your arch rival when you were growing up?
What is your youngest sibling’s nickname?
Which was the first foreign country you visited?
Who is your favorite athlete?
What is the most unusual job you have had?
What is the last name of your favorite teacher?
Name the highest mountain you’ve been to the top of?
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
What was your most memorable gift as a child?
In which city was your first elementary school?
What was the name of your first pet?
What is your favorite restaurant?
In which city did you get engaged?
Last name of your kindergarten teacher?
What is the last name of your childhood doctor?
What is the name of your favorite movie?
What is the model of your first car?
If you could control your height, how tall would you be?
What is the name of the college you went to?
What is your mother’s middle name?
Who is your favorite musical group?
What is your favorite flower?
Name of childhood best friend?
What was your high school mascot?
Who is your favorite person from history?
What is the street name where you lived when you were 10 years old?
What was your boss’s first name at your first job?
When is your father’s birthday?

My safest bet is to go with sibling-related stuff since I have none and I’d have to make up their name(s). So much harder to figure that out than actual details about my life!

365great Day 208: clouds

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365great challenge day 208: cloudsOh what a brilliant skyline we had this evening as the sun was setting. The light came at just the right angle to create an amazing hue on the clouds lingering overhead. You could see everything from golden yellow to deep purple and it was stunning. If the clouds weren’t there to reflect the light, we wouldn’t have nearly as cool a view. I also enjoy thunderstorm clouds, with their deep grey menacing look bringing thunder, lightning, and rain. It’s the perfect time to curl up with a hot drink and get cozy as the pitter patter of the rain and rumbling of thunder create a symphony of sound. On the flip side, those super fluffy white clouds floating ever so peacefully overhead is striking too, especially against a rich blue sky. It’s always fun to look up and see what sort of clouds are blowing by; it’s great entertainment.

365great Day 148: squirrels

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Learn more about 365great here.

365great challenge day 148: squirrelsEver since attending UCLA, my view of squirrels has never been the same. The campus is overrun by them and they’re so used to people they’re practically the bosses now. It’s amazing how bold they can get, stealing your food or coming right up to you. They seem to love almost all human food: sweet, salty, but not sour. These critters are quite entertaining in their own right and I’ve fed plenty of them. Still, they are wild and you never know when you might get bitten like I did once. They’re all over the place and you never know when one might scurry across your path. I left food out on the porch once, thinking the birds would get it, but then this squirrel came along! I was so amused by how it dragged its body along the railing to eat the food without having to take a step forward. What a goof. A lot of people may not like these creatures, but I find them rather fascinating and usually very gentle. I once got a chance to feed one once and it was amazing. I loved it! Someday I might want to see if it’s possible to have a pet squirrel. Until then, I’ll just observe these fellows when they cross my path and marvel at how great it can be to interact with them.

Attention to detail

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I’m generally very good at noticing slight changes in details. If something is misaligned, if a font has changed, or if something is happening in the background, I’ll probably notice it. Sometimes this is a bit of a curse, since it makes the perfectionist part of me cringe and then I can’t help but focus on that slight imperfection. I’ve learned to tone it down over the years so that I notice, but don’t mull over the details too long. After all, in day to day life, who wants to spend their time constantly nitpicking what’s wrong?

mini boot camp platoon formation with drill instructor yellingThis served me well in ROTC days, when we were often berated for inattention to detail. Hospital corners had to be perfectly 45 degrees, uniforms had to be perfectly creased but not wrinkled, hair had to be perfectly groomed with not a strand out of place, and the head had to be perfectly cleaned. Everything spotless, in its place, and perfect. Every minute detail was critiqued and criticized, from how you held your hands to where you placed your feet to what your facial expression was. I loved my time in military training, particularly the boot camps I attended. I think the discipline and focus on details was just the environment where I could succeed relatively easily, so that made me feel good. It makes me think of when I took shop class in middle school and the teacher singled me out as having great writing skills, because I could follow his instructions to a tee and write the letters and numbers exactly like him. I’m very good with instructions.

In my personal life, it makes me notice so much around me that my mind is constantly racing. A slight chip in my nail polish, that mark on my wrist bone where it rubs on the computer all day, my slightly uneven features, the way I tend to use one side more than another… these are the things that are in the back of my mind even as I’m working, resting, or interacting with people. Sitting here now I’m thinking about how my ankles don’t bend the same way (one is more flexible than the other), how the sheets don’t fit just right on the bed, and how a new purse I’m breaking in doesn’t stay perfectly centered. I can now think the thought and put it away until I notice it again, but imagine how insane it’d be if I had to try to fix everything! Thank goodness that’s not the case, or else I might go insane.

new facebook toolbar with larger search bar and font

I actually thought of writing about this because recently Facebook changed their toolbar – did you notice? That was a pretty big change, but there are other things like font changes that I can pick out too. I use a tool called Reachli, which has changed nearly half a dozen times in the last month, with small tweaks to the font, font size, menu, etc. Most recently, I was watching a video today and saw that one of the guys in the background was sitting at his computer, typing away when everyone else was paying attention to the speaker (President Obama). If you’re that person in the background yawning or picking your nose or looking away, I’m the person who sees it. With each of these cases, the details were glaringly obvious to me, but I wonder if some people never even noticed a thing. Of course, I don’t notice everything and I certainly fell for the basketball passes trick, but I do feel like I have a much higher awareness than most people. Are you the same?


Traffic gaps & freeway weaving

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Have you ever been driving down the freeway when it’s not too crowded and traffic is just rushing on by when suddenly you find yourself alone? There’s a cluster of lights up ahead maybe a mile or so and another behind you about the same distance away. I love it when I get in a situation like that – I’m away from the crowds and it’s just me and the road (until either I catch up to the cluster in front or get bombarded by the cluster behind).

It’s times like that that I want to weave back and forth like those highway patrol vehicles that do so to slow down traffic. I was actually caught behind one of those for a few miles recently and we even ended up at a dead stop for awhile (see videos below). Maybe there was debris on the road that needed to be cleared? I couldn’t tell because I was about 5 cars behind and there were too many red lights in my way to see. Luckily, it wasn’t like that one time I got stuck for two hours on the 405. This barely lasted three minutes and we were on our way again, rushing off into empty expanse ahead.

I wonder if you’re ever allowed to ride along when the highway patrol is doing that, because I’ve always wanted to. I mean, when else do you get to weave back and forth on the freeway without getting in trouble? And it’s gotta be fun to see all traffic yielding to you, crawling along as they wait to see if you’re bringing them to a stop or just slowing down the speed of traffic. Then when you’re done with your task, you turn off your flashing lights and race off to the next thing as the cars behind finally get to continue on their way.

highway patrol slowing traffic from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

stopped on freeway from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Cutting through clouds

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I love looking up at the sky. I especially enjoy looking whenever I heard something flying by. This time, the plane weaved in and out of the thick clouds as I followed its sound. I can be entertained for ages like that.

plane flying through overcast skies from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

When in a jam…

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Question: What happens when a naked mole encounters a traffic jam?


naked mole traffic jam from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

[There is a video embedded in this post. If you do not see it, click through to view in a browser.]

On My Mind, episode 5

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Ok, so I’m a day late, but I’m still linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for “Thursday Thoughts” aka On My Mind. 😛

a~ Sometimes all this stuff happens that I want to talk about but then it gets to be too much so I hold it off. So here’s a little bit of catching up!

susiecakes cupcakes in chocolate and red velvet b~ I finally tried Susiecakes back when Panda was here in LA and I really enjoyed the way they swirl their frosting! Georgetown Cupcake has their “signature swirl” and so does Susiecakes. From what I can tell, the frosting actually goes into the center of the cupcake too, for an ultimate “oozing” experience. Quite good! I wish the cupcakes were a bit bigger though, but I guess it’s better for me that they’re not.

c~ For awhile, Missy (my cat) wouldn’t go outside and spent the day napping on my bed or otherwise lazing around. To me, this was normal cat behavior, but to my mom, it was a signal of distress. She kept asking me if something was wrong with Missy and eventually it seemed like there might be. I started to become convinced that she was depressed because she doesn’t have another cat to play with. We do have another cat, Molly, but she’s old and grumpy and abuses poor Missy. I even seriously contemplated getting another cat for Missy to befriend! But hey, she seems to have recovered and enjoys a good run outside again. Third cat idea? Tabled.

the panda loves mystery box sent outd~ I got my first order for a mystery box and sent it out to a girl in Vegas. I had fun putting it together and trying to guess what she might like, but it’s hard to please people! I recently got her feedback saying she didn’t quite feel like it was the value she paid for, which made me a bit sad, but I really did try my best and I had outlined all the items she could expect. So now instead of mystery boxes I’m thinking of transitioning to grab bags so it’s even more clear what they’ll get.

cat laying in box on top of tissue paper and beauty products

Missy immediately thought: “Bed!”

e~ I’ve read up on some photo boxes used to take product photos and I found my own sort of solution. I “hacked” a photo box using a cardboard box from Costco and a solid colored piece of plastic. I’ve experimented with other things too, like tissue paper, but Missy seemed to think it was for her to play in! Check out one of the product photos I did for the Tatcha samples I got (review to come). I think it’s pretty good, though I wish the background didn’t have the blue since it doesn’t always look good. Still, not bad for a cheap version!

tatcha samples including deluxe sizes

corner of graze box with logof~ I have been sooo looking forward to my Graze boxes and even got a sneak peek when I went to check on the status. They ask you to rate the items in the box after they send it, so you can actually know what’s coming ahead of time if you’re curious. So far I’ve received two boxes and there have been some items I really enjoyed (and wished they had larger portions of) and some that I probably won’t want for awhile. Their rating system makes it really easy to get the ones you like and ensure you don’t get the ones you disliked. Reviews to come.

g~ So as you can tell from my Aveeno review, my Influnster VoxBox arrived! I really hope I continue to get more VoxBoxes since this has been fun and I enjoy using my new night cream. We were told we get in on the summer VoxBox automatically if we were one of the first 100 to finish the Aveeno brand challenge, which I’m pretty sure I did. We’ll see though!

h~ I got suckered in to signing up for Bulu box because of a free box offer, but I think I’m going to cancel before they charge me. After looking around at previous boxes, it appears that they’re too health-focused for my taste. I’ll still try that first box and see though – maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

pretty desk organizer for pens and paperclips/push pins at targeti~ I saw this super cute desk organizer at Target and I totally wanted it! I shouldn’t be splurging now though, so I will patiently wait for it to go on clearance before snagging one if I can. I find that when I have cool storage units like this, I’m much more likely to stay organized(ish). When I settle into my own home, I’m totally going to get things like this so I can stay motivated to keep things neater. I mean, when something’s fun, you tend to do it more! And how fun is a pretty little box like this? It’s just asking for me to put my pens and paperclips and push pins and rubber bands in there!

julep products including lotion, hand scrub, oxygen nail treatment, cuticle serum, and nail polish remover padsj~ In some more up-to-date news, I started day 1 of my 2-week testing for Pink Panel and just as I predicted, we got Julep products! Pretty psyched about that since I’ve been curious about their brand ever since I found out about their Julep Maven subscription service. I get to test out their glycolic hand scrub, oxygen nail treatment, and cuticle serum. The lotion and nail polish removers came to supplement the whole hand care experience so the entire testing period, I’m using all Julep products for my hands. I don’t know what to expect from the oxygen treatment and cuticle serum, but I already love how the scrub feels, smells, and works. It’s something I would definitely buy!

bottle of dried zoya nail polish held upside down

I held it upside down so you can see how solid it is.

k~ My Zoya nail polishes arrived today, though one got backordered and is on its way. One of the bottles was all dried out though! Whaaat? I was sorely disappointed and contact their customer service, so I expect a satisfactory resolution soon. This would involve more than just replacing the one I got, but we’ll see if they’re the “go above and beyond” types. [Update: they got back to me and they’re rushing a replacement. Meh. Maybe I expect too much of customer service.]

l~ On a similar note, the most recent Blissmo box contained a repeat item that was the bulk of the value of the box. Also not so happy about that, so I emailed their customer service. I do not enjoy paying twice for the same product when I’m paying to learn about new ones. As I mentioned to them, the least I would expect is another product from that company’s line, but a completely identical product is no bueno for a subscription box.

Once upon a glass was a kitty

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Hehe, she’s so cute! This was a really fun perspective – you can see her little paws in all their glory. 🙂

view of cat from underneath from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

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