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365great Day 26: scented pens

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365great challenge day 26: scented pensEver write or doodle (maybe even scribble around) just so you can use up ink? Yeah, you’ll want to do that with these amazing pens. The lovely fruity scents that waft up from the paper are deliciously reminiscent of the produce these pens are meant to emulate. Plus, with fun colors covering the whole spectrum, you can represent just about anything with these pens. I’ve always loved writing things down, just for the feeling of pen on paper and with such fun writing instruments, I only enjoy it more! Pens that not only engage your sense of sight and touch, but smell as well? That’s pretty great.

Super cool pens (maybe it’s the super ink)

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uniball 207 pens, designed to prevent check fraud

I'm a sucker for a set of pens with something unique. Like special ink for preventing check fraud, for instance.

frank abagnale, secure document consultant, gives his stamp of approval for the uniball 207 pens

Approved by Frank Abagnale, former con artist and pro at check fraud. Now consultant against such things! (If you ever saw Catch Me If You Can, this is the guy the movie's about.)

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