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Cat vs pizza box

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We don’t get pizza much, but when we do it’s almost guaranteed that our food will be crushed by the cat. She also happens to enjoy destroying the box… #lifewithcats

cat crushing pizza box from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

cat ripping cardboard with teeth from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

365great Day 302: Vicolo

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365great challenge day 302: vicoloHave you ever tried pizza with a corn meal crust? I personally love cornmeal, so this was such a treat to discover. Vicolo offers their pizzas fresh from San Francisco, so they’re only offered in limited stores. Back when I was demoing them at Whole Foods, they were shipped down to LA twice a week – always fresh, never frozen. Not sure if they still do it the same, but they’re definitely fresh. The one thing they do offer frozen are just the crust, which you can use to make your own pizzas. I’ve been craving them so much that I had Panda swing by the El Segundo Whole Foods before meeting me at LAX for our flight back earlier this week. I now have two to eat in the next couple of days, which I’m thrilled about! I’ve broken into the first one and will probably devour it all by next weekend. I just love how the crust is crunchy yet soft and grainy and wonderful. It’s such a great gustatory experience.

365great Day 123: pizza

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365great challenge day 123: pizzaWhen you need a meal that is filling, has dairy, meat, bread, and veggies, and is easy to eat without utensils, pizza is just the ticket. It’s just the sort of thing you can order for a casual party, meeting, or meal at home. Just about everyone will eat it in some form or another, depending on the toppings. The convenience and universal factor make it a sort of default solution to group situations where you can’t afford to hire a caterer. Grabbing a slice is quick and easy when you want to get something else done while eating, whether it’s watching a game or getting work done over lunch. It’s not too messy and your food is not likely to fall apart. So whenever you’re having a lazy day, reach for a slice of pizza like I did today! Great solution!

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