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Summertime spottings

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The thing I’m going to miss most about NoVA is all the different creatures you can find in nature. On just a weekend stroll, we were able to find many animals!

momma duck at edge of pond with half a dozen ducklings

A momma duck with at least 6-7 babies.

green frog camouflaging in leaves by pond

A green frog camouflaging against the leaves.

frog or polliwog in water with head sticking out

A small frog and many polliwogs!

giant polyphemus moth on grass

A giant moth that I think is a polyphemus moth.

I love finding cool new life all around me!!

365great Day 30: kaolin clay

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Learn more about 365great here.

One of my newer obsessions when it comes to skincare is kaolin clay. I first encountered it when browsing BzzAgent campaigns; there was a campaign for Pond’s Luminous Clean facial cleansers and I was sooo intrigued when I read that it could “Gently draw out trapped impurities & makeup to brighten dull skin.” Draw out impurities? Yes please!

365great challenge day 30: kaolin clayNot long after, I had a facial at Massage Envy in which they used Murad’s Clarifying Mask, which also had kaolin clay to help draw out impurities. My face felt and looked amazing afterwards – it was the first time that I saw any effect on my blackheads. I was sold! Between the purifying effects and the oil-absorbing benefits, this is seriously exactly what I need for my skin. Plus, kaolin clay is gentle on skin so anyone can use it and that’s great!

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