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365great Day 124: libraries

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365great challenge day 124: librariesLibraries are often not appreciated as much as they should be. In fact, they often completely disappear from my conscious mind. I forget that there’s a resource just a few miles away, where I can go to get books and DVDs and other such learning materials for free (well, for a time anyway). Then suddenly one day I think to myself, “Hey, why don’t I get a book from the library?!” It’s brilliant! Swing by and read what I want for free. Who needs a bookstore? I even got some Pimsleur tapes to try to learn some basic Cantonese since I’d never spend money on a thing like that! So yes, libraries are pretty great.

365great Day 15: Daily Grommet

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365great challenge day 15: daily grommetDaily Grommet has been an excellent source of discovery for me! They consistently introduce fabulous products, ranging from sugru (which I am itching to get my hands on) to Squishables, which was featured earlier on 365great! When it comes to curated content for those looking for unique, often eco-friendly products, this is the place to be. If you are ever out of ideas for gifting, check out their recommendations – I guarantee you’ll find something cool.

Products range from practical to whimsical, from kitchenware to clothing, and so much more. Usually you’ll find a clever solution to common problems or something beautifully and elegantly designed. Each one has a compelling story, which is how they get chosen. I really can’t even begin to describe all the awesomeness you’ll encounter there, so I think the best thing to do is go browse yourself! Or hey, browse my own personal favorites here on my wishlist. I’m sure you’ll come across something great.

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